Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cowgirl and catch up pics

I was looking at this old blog tonight and realized i have not posted many pics of the kids lately. They are growing faster than I can comprehend. So here is are a few stills of our not so still kids!

Napolean want to be Kolby's friend.

The quitesential 7 year old.


Ice skaters
Kolby loves ice skating and wishes I would drive her to Austin for lessons every week. Not.

Ready to hit the ice. Brave for my vertically challenged son!

EK thinks that she can do anything they can do... And she usually can, even though it doesn't always turn out so well!

Rhett looks so much older than he did when school started last August!

The Cowgirl!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

At Last...




THE GRAND JURY, for the County of McLennan, State of Texas, duly selected, empaneled, sworn, charged and organized as such at the March Term, A.D., 2009, of the 54th Judicial District Court for said County, upon their oaths present in and to said Court at said term that MATT DEE BAKER, hereinafter styled Defendant, heretofore on or about the 7th day of April, A.D. 2006, and before the presentment of this indictment, in the County and State aforesaid, did then and there intentionally or knowingly case the death of an individual, namely, KARI LYNN BAKER, by administering drugs to her and suffocating her with a pillow and in a manner and means to the grand jury unknown,

Signed by the Grand Jury Foreman

(For more into Click the Justice For Kari button to the right.)

Thank you dear Lord for letting this day dawn. May justice finally show her face on this awful tragedy!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So it's March already!

Well February was a blur.
The last two weekends I have uncharacteristically been out of town. I feel a bit out of it. No a lot out of it. For the last three weeks Rob has been keeping crazy late hours. (He is at work as I type this at 9:15PM) I have been completely consumed with getting this outdoor classroom built and the absolute needless drama that surrounds trying to do anything this big with a PTA, this PTA anyway. (I'll spare you the boring drama queen details. You're welcome.) And then there are these three kids....

Speaking of, I got to spend two nights in Dallas with Kolby this weekend, just the two of us! We were there for Kolby's first Jazz Team Dance Contest. We went a night early and got to see our sweet friends the Lee's and meet baby Merritt. Love them! Lauren and Kolby were best friends from birth until we moved away. They still have a great time together whenever we get to see them. Kristi taught me how to be a mommy. Really she did. Even though she is younger, she had a three year old and a two month old when I had Kolby. She had also grown up in Keller. I was new to NE Tarrant County and definitely new to mommy-hood. I watched Kristi to learn. God knew I needed her! Love that Lee family!

While in the metro-plex we "shopped out" Kolby's birthday money and gift cards. Why are clothes cuter in other towns? She is set for Spring! AND thanks to Priceline we had the best hotel! We liked it so much the first night that we extended our stay. After 11 hours in a high school gym, it was wonderful to just drive 20 minutes and have big fluffy white beds, takeout, popcorn, and pay-per-view movies just waiting for us! (Tale of Desprx. and Twilight...two OK movies based on GREAT books that further prove the theory that while movies are fun, THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER!) Loved our weekend! Kolby is the best little traveler. I love taking her to new places because she just ewe's and ah's!

Kolby's little dance team of 4th, 5th & 6th graders, most of whom had never been in a competition before, won every award they could have won! The girls were so excited! They didn't know what they were wining but their faces lit up and they screamed with glee each time their team name was called out. It was a loud, but fun experience! Kolby has been in dance with some of these girls since pre-school. It was fun to hang out with the Moms and catch up. It was a great all around girls weekend.

Back at the Ranch...
Rob held down the fort and managed to stay well this weekend. Ella Kate said "Oh Mommy, I missed you so much!" when I got home Sunday. Such a big girl! I brought her back some clothes and a Diego Shake and Go car. She thought it came with a book and was sad to find out that was just the package. The girl loves books more than any 2 year old I have ever met! Next time I will forget the toys and just grab a book!

Rhett was bummed that he didn't get to stay in the hotel though I think the day in the gym watching dances for 10 hours would have killed him. That truly would have been 7 year old boy torture! But he so loves hotels... So I got him a surprise Wii game he has wanted that was 1/2 price in Arlington. He was more than happy with the trade off and said it was fun being the oldest with just dad.

Rob took pity on me while I was away and cleaned up a bit. Always nice to come home to a house cleaner than it was when you left. Maybe I should go away more!

And just for me so I remember this time in the life of my kids, a quick update... (feel free to skip)
Kolby is on the threshold of entering that "teen" zone, but not too quickly. She is still my little girl in so many ways. At church there was a Wednesday Night class for parents about talking to your kids about s e x I'm not afraid. I swear I'm not! But still I think too much too young is not good. I sorta brought up the subject several times this weekend. I don't think Kolby knows as much as some other kids do according to their parents. I think it's because none of her best little friends are very into boys yet. They are just boys. Not much "going with" going on yet in that group. But still we talked about it a little bit and I told her to please come to me first if she gets curious. Cop out? Maybe. I think the time is coming that I will have to explain more, but she truly did not want to know anything this weekend. She said she still thinks kissing looks gross. She thought Twilight was boring at the end. Yay Kolby!!! Moving on... Kolby has further developed her love of reading. No one would ever suspect she still has dyslexic issues until they see her spelling/writing. BLESS HER HEART! But she is doing pretty well grade-wise and rarely studies at home. She loves her teachers and never wants to miss school. She loves to talk to us about our growing up days and talks a blue streak if you let her. She isn't as sure of herself with friends like she used to be. That's hard to watch as a Mom, but it's part of growing up. Kolby prays for a best, best friend. I pray that for her too. :)

Rhett is growing like a weed. Everything about him seems to be growing faster and faster. He is getting his permanent teeth faster than his jaw can grow to make space, his hair grows so fast it needs to be cut every other week and his jeans from Fall are already starting to have that high water look! It's like the kid eats Miracle Grow! He is such a boys boy. He is happiest outside playing or whooping up on Wii. He begs to bring friends home from school everyday now though our schedule rarely allows it. He still loves to cuddle with his Mama, though he won't admit it. He is the best brother. He watches Ella Kate better than I do I think. So protective. And he instantly forgives Kolby when she is a bossy mean big sister. He has no problems with school other than he says he gets bored from time to time. His teacher is letting him read on his level now so that is getting better. He goes through a Magic Tree House book every other day now. Good thing there are so many of them! He still has some melt down times. I think his emotions run deeper than what his years can handle. But he wants very badly to be good and do what is right and will apologize immediately when he regains control. He really is a sweet kid. Love that boy!

Then there is little Miss Tooty Pants! Oh that girl! What a mess! She keeps me on my toes and tired. But she also makes me laugh about 20 times a day. Maybe I am just getting older and more lax (ok I know I am!) BUT I am constantly fighting back laughter when I know I should be furious with her. She is a stinker but not a malicious one. She just thinks she is a big kid and she is just 2! But my what that 2 year old can do! She is even getting better at the whole potty training thing. Of course in true Ella Kate style, she sometimes decides she doesn't need a diaper which can make things a bit messy when I don't realize she has taken her diaper off. I'll spare you the gory details but, I have slid from one "accident" and landed in "another" many times this month. WAY. TOO. MANY. TIMES!!!! Motherhood is hard.

And then there is that other baby... AKA The Panther Patch! Never have I wanted to quit something so many times, yet I can not keep from working on it. I do love it, but it is hard on so many different levels. I think I could become "Outdoor Classroom Contractor Certified" if there is such a beast. My "Panther Posse" helps keep me sane. Love those girls! None of us had a clue how much time, thought and energy this would take. But it's gonna be great... or so I hope! :)

Well my husband just walked in (10:15 now) so I best get off and say HI before he collapses! Next week is Spring Break! Yippy, Skippy! (I think. :) Pictures and editing to come later! :) Night!