Saturday, October 21, 2006

Halloween 2006

Here are this year's Halloween pictures! These are a bit blury as they are from the Sears website. It is really hard to get a good picture of three kids!!! If you would like to see the previous 7 years of Halloween scroll down

Wonder Woman is 8 Superman is 5 and Wonder Baby is 3.5 months old!

1998 This was our first Halloween with our little pumpkin...or Strawberry in this case. Don't we look young!

1999 Kolby is 20 months old and would not get her picture made at Sears. She was totally terrified of photographers. My friend Kristi snapped this one at a Halloween party. 2000 Our Hot Pink Leopard picture from whenshe was 2. (finally found it!)2001 Dorthy is 3 Toto is 6 weeks old. 2002 Tink & Peter Pan.

2003 Ariel and Cpt Feather Sword


2005 (These pics are from the Sears website and are very blurry!) Padme & Anikin

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"My little Doll" or..."Birth of a Bow Head"

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I held out as long as I could. EK was three months and 4 days old before she wore her first bow. All it took was three people in one afternoon saying what a pretty little "BOY"! So I broke out the bows! Now there is no mistaking!

You know I never really played with baby dolls growing up. I never really got into the whole dress up thing. But now, with my real babies... I am having a blast! Kolby quit wearing bows last year. Just didn't want to do it anymore. I was a bit sad to be honest. So now little EK inherits the big bow drawer..and I get to play real live dress-up for at least seven more years! :)

EK laughed a big belly laugh for the first time the other day. I can't imagine, this side of heaven, a more delightful sound than baby laughter. So sweet, so precious! Wish I could bottle it! We are all cherishing every minute with this baby girl!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Picture Update

Blogger won't let me post the traditional way so I am posting pictures from Picasa. Our big pumpkin!
Our little Pumpkin!
Going to church Posted by Picasa EKG sleeping in her own bed! Yes, we have a thumb sucker!

The mighty, mighty Tigers!

Happy Girl!

Posted by PicasaOur little Brownie!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The sun will come out Toe-morrow

When I was very young I had a major kidney operation. You would think that my first memory of pain would be from all my kidney issues. The first time I remember feeling excruciating pain should have been from one of my numerous hospital stays. It could have been one of those awful antibiotic shots that went in so slow and deep into the muscle tissue of my three or four year old leg that I walked with a limp for the rest of the day. Nope. My first memory of real pain is from an everyday incident that happened in the hall of the house I grew up in when my Mom accidentally side swiped my pinky toe with a huge Hoover vacuum cleaner. I remember a flap of skin, blood, great pain and lots of tears...both mine and my Mom's! I think my toe nail even came off. Thirty six years later and I don't think either of the nails on my pinky toes have had a chance to grow back properly!

I'm not sure why God gave me pinky toes because it seems life has been trying to knock them off of me ever since. I am a toe murderer. Just my own toes though. I frequently run my toes into to the corners of walls or the legs of chairs. I stump them on curbs, bumps in the sidewalk, or anything I can. Lately the legs of the baby swing and high chair have reeked havoc on my littlest digits. However, Saturday was a red letter day in the history of my toe torture. As proof of this I am sitting here days later with a throbbing, very purple, perhaps broken pinkie toe.

It all started Saturday when I somehow caught my left pinkie toe on the blue wire like legs of the baby bouncy while cruising through the living room on my way to answer natures call. It hurt so badly that nature decided to leave me a little message right then. (I know TMI>>>But this is my blog) An hour or so later after the first bruise was forming and the pain had yet to subside, I limped by the highchair and somehow rammed the same little toe into it's gangly leg . Now I understand the highchair legs need to sprawl out to insure stability...but seriously! I think there is high chair designer out there somewhere calculating how many toes his design will mutilate!!!

If that were not enough for one day, a few minutes later I stumped the same little toe on the legs of the portable swing... That cute little swing is two feet tall and my kids love to move it around. However when you are rushing around with a baby in tow, it's easy to miss! Three times, one day, one toe and, judging from my inability to move it and it's deep shade of plum, I'm guessing multiple fractures! OUCH!!!

So I'm hobbling around with my littlest left toe taped to its neighbor. No shoes fit, not even flip flops. And did I mention I had just started walking a few miles with a friend every night last week? That's out for a few nights. I'm really bummed!

However, since I don't feel like running around town in my house shoes, I get to stay home all day and get about a dozen things done I have had on my to do list for week or so now...including write this post! Ahhh the feeling of marking something off my list! Off to write thank you notes and finish up a few loads of laundry .... Happy Monday blog world! Be sure to appreciate your toes today!