Saturday, July 29, 2006

Questions of the week

Why do babies sleep so well AFTER the sun comes up?

How can someone so small produce so much laundry?

Why do breasts not come with oz markers?

Will that brown line ever disappear?

And this, my least favorite from Rhett... "Mommy when are you going to stop looking pregnant?"

Sunday, July 23, 2006

EKG Week 2 ~ Photo Blog

I discovered many things about my world during week two! I love this cat who sings to me as I get my diaper changed! This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures!

While I have been hanging at home, my siblings have kept on the go. This is my big sister dressed for Cowboy day at Camp last week.
Rhett and Justin on their way out to the water park!

My big brother really digs me now! He loves to hold me.

At my two week check I was still a bit jaundiced so I have been catching some rays to break down those billy rubins! I weigh 8 lbs and 3 oz and have grown 3/4 on an inch!

Very interesting! Every time I open my eyes, she takes my picture!

This was my first big family dinner with lots of cousins and big people to hold me! I slept most of the time but loved the attention!
My Daddy and his kids...chilling and watching a movie before bedtime.

My brother, sister and me in our PJs.

Look! I wore something not pink! I wore blue one day too, but spit up before Mommy could get a picture.
Next week when this yucky cord falls off I can take a real bath in my cute duck tub...Until then I will tolerate these spounge baths.
This swing is cool for about 20 minutes...Then I like to be held or sleep in my basket again.

More to come!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wanted: a (working) mouse in my house

I am blogging from my parents because my computer mouse won't move! It has been frozen in one spot on my computer screen for three days. I can't point and click. I can't open anything. My computer will start up and be just fine but I can't do a thing with it without that silly little mouse! Funny how dependent I have become on that little moving arrow on my computer screen! All my addresses, all my pictures, all my favorite sights are out of reach as long as I can't click.... And birth announcements are a bit hard to do with out a computer to print them on!

Hopefully it's just the mouse. As sooon as I get out and about I hope I can pick up a cheap mouse and be back in business... But our computer is a dinosaur as far as computers go, so each time there is a problem I am afraid that it is the end! I need to get something to back up my old harddrive! I would lit6erally go into mourning if I lost everything on that computer! Any ideas?

Must run for now! Hope to be back to blogging soon...Amoung 100 other things I want to do on my computer, I have two week old pictures that I am aching to upload and post! Wish me luck!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Still on the honeymoon

Today is my due date. For months July 17th was the focal point of my life. But then Ella Kate and my body had other ideas! Now July 17th will be forgotten and July 5th is the big day. It was noon before I realized today's date. Funny how a date can seem so important then suddenly be "just a day" again.

Rob went back to work today. Laundry had to be done. Kolby needed someone to pick her up from Camp Success. Rhett needed breakfast. The baby vacation is officially over. The real world is starting to creep back into my days. No more napping at will and staying cool and cozy at home 24/7. We are all still very much in the "honeymoon " stage with sweet baby Katie though! I could sit and watch her sleep for hours...And I still will do that as much as possible, vacation or not.

Ella Kate has already grown and changed quite a bit in the last 12 days. The tabs on the newborn diapers don't overlap like they did at first. She stretches out a lot more now instead of sleeping in a little ball. She made the jump from eating at will/whenever to eating every four or so hours. She seems to recognize our voices and she is awake a little bit more than she was at first...But not much more. Though it breaks my heart, I think she is starting to loose some of that sweet newborn hair. No matter how hard it can be to have a newborn, these are the most precious of days! I wouldn't wish them away for any amount of sleep, energy or any other "mommy of a newborn" scarcities!

Honestly, I still can't believe she is here! I still just want to sit and hold her. I want to hold on to each moment and not forget how she looks, sounds, and even smells today. I don't want my baby to grow too fast. I don't want to forget the feeling of that sweet little newborn balled up and sleeping soundly on my chest. I pray that I will be able to remember this forever... Yeah we are still in the honeymoon stage.

And you know that saying about "the third time being the charm"... For me that has been true. It's more than just her ideal birth and hospital stay. In fact it has more to do with me than with the baby. It could be because I know that this is my last baby. They say with age comes wisdom...I'm not sure about that, but this time around the little things don't freak me out so much. I don't feel like I have to have my birth announcements out right away. I don't freak out after not sleeping for three nights. I know it will be hard to get out with all three kids at first and that all this is just a phase... A short precious phase that in ways will be over way too soon. I am letting, or perhaps even making myself stop and enjoy Ella Kate being a newborn. Maybe other people get that with the first or second baby...For me it took the third!

Completely off the subject, I have wanted to say something to those in the blog family who regularly read this (Yes, all five or six of you...who else would have read this far in this rambling post?)....

I can not thank you enough for your prayers and words of encouragement over the last weeks! The morning we left for the hospital to have Ella Kate, I was so nervous. As we drove across town I remembered all the comments from sweet blog friends who said they were praying for me. I really felt your prayers. It was such a comfort! AND I believe God answered prayers with the ease of Ella Kate's birth.

I feel very blessed by your prayers and the hand of our Heavenly Father. I felt his hand through out my pregnancy. I am so grateful and thankful for all of you who petitioned him on my behalf and provided "prayer cover" for my family. Though I have not met some of you face to face, you are my sweet Christian brothers and sisters and I feel very close to you! Thank you so much for blessing me and my family with your prayers and support! You are the best!

Back to the honeymoon... If I don't blog to regularly for the next few weeks, rest assured I'm just too busy enjoying this sweet baby and the family God has blessed me with! Love to all!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One Week Old Today! ~ A Picture Blog

It's hard to believe that our baby girl is one week old today! It has gone by fast, yet at the same time, it's hard to think of our lives with out her! Here are some pictures of Ella Kate's first week. All is going well. I will update this post and type more later.

Hanging with my family the first night home.

Doing time in the billy bed. I was glad to see that thing go!

My first trip was back to the hospital for a billy rubin check. My second trip was to see Dr K for a newborn check on Monday.

Sun bathing to get those billys down.

Watchng the All Stars with the guys.

My sister loves me so much!
I'm going to have "flash" burn if they keep taking pictures of me!
I have more hair than my brother or sister did at this age...and of course Mommy had to take a picture to document this!

We love our sweet one week old baby girl!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Introducing Ella Kate!

We are home. We are tired and sore and very happy! I will try to post a few pictures. Thanks to Elizabeth for ghost writing for me!

It looks like Rob and I only know how to make babies that look one way! Seriously, if you look at Kolby and Rhett's baby pictures and look at her you would think I had triplets! All my babies were born on Wednesday mornings after a rain storm. Kolby was 8 days early, Rhett 10, and Ella Kate 12 days early. All my LDR nurses were named either Debbie or Carol... Ella Kate's were Debbie and Carol! The list of similarities goes on and on....

This was my best, easiest, and fastest labor. We could not have asked for a more ideal situation. I felt five contractions and pushed for all of 7 minutes! I might have had more babies if all my labors were this easy. My nurses were the best. I was the only person on the LDR floor at the time she was born. I had sweet nurses in postpartum. The room was big and comfey. The food was good. Everything went so well, except for some some complications during dismissal today. (nothing serious just annoying) Overall it was a wonderful time and a great experience to end our baby having days with! Third time is a charm! : )

Ella Kate is a little angel. She a bit smaller than the other two and has a tad more hair. She also is by far the best little eater and at two days old, seems the most even tempered. She coos and gurgles all the time and has the most expressive little infant face. I had forgotten how dramatic babies are! We just love her! Can't imagine life with out her! Kolby is in hog heaven! She loves her sister and is quite the little Mommy!
Rhett took a little longer to warm up to her, but has become more and more fascinated with his little sister every hour we are home. He is amazed to the point it scares him a bit, but he thinks she is really cool over all.

Rob and I feel extremely blessed and so very grateful for this precious baby! She is such a little miracle. Will write more soon... Just wanted to touch base. We are in love with this brand new baby girl!

P.S. For those who asked.." What are you going to call her?" I am not sure we will ever decide on one name for this girl! I have called her Ella Kate from the get go. The kids are calling her Katie. Rob goes back and forth between Katie and Ella Kate. Rhett calls her Katie Lou at times. I call her Ella Bella Kate some times. Kolby thinks we should call her Ella when she is older. We all call her Baby Girl. So, does that answer your question? :)

Ella Kate Pictures

Some shots from the hospital.


I'm here!

Checking out the baby sister.

Mama K is tickled pink with this baby girl!


Happy girl!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ella Kate is here!

Hi! It's Elizabeth, ghost writing for SG. She called me earlier and gave me EllaKate's stats. Of course, blogger hasn't let me post this all day. Sorry for the delay!

Time of birth: 10:32 a.m.
Weight: 7 lbs., 13 oz.
Length: 19 3/4 inches

She says that it was the easiest of the three births and everyone is doing well. I went to see her tonight and think she looks just like her other two! What a beauty! I am also pretty sure they are calling her Katie. I called her EllaKate and Kolby informed me that her name was Katie!

Just wanted blogland to get the blessed news!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The nesting I needed

I have had more down time in the last week than I have had in the last year. Lots of time to think. Lots of time to catch up on everyone else's blogs. As annoying as it has been to not be able to do things, I think bed rest has been good for not only my blood pressure, but my over all spirit and state of mind.

About a week ago my mother-in-law (mil for short) sent me an obituary from her home town newspaper. It was for Cindy Chowning. Cindy and Richard Chowning were missionaries to Kenya where they worked with the Kipsigi people for many years. When I met them, they were furloughed to ACU where Richard was a guest professor in the missions department. He taught my "World Christians Class" and they hosted African Mission Fellowship in their home. Even though Gaston Tarbet was actually my official ACU mentor for my two summer internships in Nairobi, Kenya, I got to know the Chownings quite well. Richard attempted to teach me some Swahili. The little I knew pre-Nairobi came from him! Cindy taught me to make the American version of chai, ugali & sacuma weki, and my favorite, chapati's and cabbage. They were such a sweet, open, and loving family.

Years later I did a special missions class on Wednesday nights for the kindergarteners at our church in San Angelo. Richard helped me when I took my kids on a field trip to Abilene to see the big globe in the Bible building and to talk to a real live missionary. He was such a nice man.

Anyway my heart breaks for the Chowning family. They have three children Heather, Naomi, and Aaron, who are all married. I think they have several grandchildren. The Chownings were planning on coming home to the states next year after spending the last eight or so years in Benin, West Africa. They were ready to be closer to the kids and the grandchildren even though they had a deep passion for the Aja people. Cindy was killed in an accident June 14th when she was hit by a motorcycle as she went to get something out of her truck during a routine Bible study visit. A senseless tragic accident!

Other ACU friends Randy and Kelly Vaughn worked with the Chownings in Benin. I have visited Randy's blog a lot these last days getting a small glimpse into their lives. Kelly had a heart for Africa even back during our time at ACU. She was very active in AMF. I guess Randy found his heart in missions after he gave it to Kelly! : ) Both are just the greatest! I admire them so much!

As tragic as Cindy Chownings death is and as unfair and horrible as it is, her life was such that you can not help but rejoice for her. She and Richard have really walked the walk. They have made a huge difference in the world for Christ. Just thinking of their many sacrifices over the years, their choices to give without getting back, the lifestyle they imposed on themselves for the love of God's word and the different people of Africa... they are truly inspiring! I can't find words to express it accurately.

The Chownings lived with a world view that I tend to close out. The last few months I have been very self absorbed with this pregnancy and trying to get ready for the baby. I have forgotten there is a great big world out there. Lately, I have been a bit scared thinking of all that has to happen to get this baby out of me in the next 24 hours or so. I fear pain. But reading about the Vaughns day to day life and reflecting on the life of Cindy Chowning has made re-evaluate a bit. It has made me think about what I really need to be as a mother, wife and Christian. It had made me re-dedicate to raising my children to love God and Jesus sacrificially. Sadly I loose sight of that from time to time.

So I am grateful to God for people like Cindy Chowning and the Vaughns who so selflessly labor for the kingdom that even those of us who only get far away glimpses of their lives see Christ and are humbled. I am grateful for the reminder that the most important thing I can prepare for this baby has nothing to do with bumper pads, fresh paint or clean floors. My heart and my life nesting in the vision of God's love and his Kingdom plans for my life and my child's life are what I need to focus on and prepare for. Being a Christian is not just a state of being, it is an intentional decision by decision life style. I needed to be reminded of that.

I 'm grateful that God choose to slow me down and remind me of what is really important this week. I'm grateful to him for feathering the nest of my heart with the example of Cindy Chowning's life and the lives of those I know who truly live for Christ. That is what I most needed to prepare to mother this precious little girl. I can't wait to meet her face to face!

My heart and prayers continue to go to the Chowning family both here in the states and in Benin, West Africa. Thank you God for Cindy Chowning and the inspiration she was and is to so many.

Monday, July 03, 2006

We have a plan!!!

Wednesday is the day.
Unless she decides to come earlier.
I'm at a three.
He says she is head down and guestimates she is about 8 lbs.
We have tickets to the Ranger game in Arlington tomorrow night.
I think we will skip it.
My doctor is going to the said Ranger game.
I hope the baby doesn't come on 4th of July!
I would like my doctor to be at her birth.
Both Kolby and Rhett were born on Wednesday mornings.
Both weighed 8.6 and were 20.5 inches long.
They looked just alike, well, except that one area!
People say they are twins four years apart.
So I wonder if we are going to have a triplet...
Or maybe a totally different looking baby!
Much to think about for the next 40 or so hours!
I have to admit I am excited.
My blood pressure is currently reflecting that.
Must settle down!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Well it's Sunday morning and I am "forsaking the assembly" for bed rest. Bed rest is not all that bad but, some how laying on my left side for hours at a time has made me a bit sentimental and at times down right weepy! What is up with that?????

Friday night was Kolby's program at church. It was really cute and she did a great job on her little solo. I was so proud of her! It seems Kolby is growing up so fast! I can hardly believe she is the age I was when Sari was born. Isn't she cute! AK & K .. The kids really loved this Music camp. Our church did this instead of VBS this year.

Truly it feels like it wasn't that long ago that we were waiting for Kolby to be born! I tend to get bogged down in the day to day so much of the time that it seems like these "mommy days" are the longest days of my life. But then, I look up and suddenly my kids are a year older! Long days and short years! It makes me want to bottle time! I don't want to take for granted the wonder this new baby will bring to our family. Yes there will be one more mouth the feed, more laundry, less sleep, more noise and less down time, but little infant days are fleeting and I don't want them to get away with out being fully appreciated.

Yesterday my mother-in-law took my kids home with her, 3 1/2 hours away. They have been looking forward to this all summer and honestly, so have I. With the whole bed rest thing, the timing couldn't be better. I was fine as I packed them up and gave my mother-in-law some last minute suggestions. However, when they were both buckled up in the back seat of the car, ready to go.... The ugly cry came out! I leaned in the car on Rhett's side to give him a hug while Rob was reminding them from Kolby's side about minding and having good manners. Rhett got a little choked up and big old tears welled up in his eyes. He put his arms around my neck and wouldn't let go. After a few seconds he choked out "I'm gonna miss you Mommy." I totally lost it! Tears streaming down my face, I choked out that I would miss him too but that he was going to have a great time and I didn't want him to be sad.
Going to Grandma's
I really wanted to rip him out of the seat belt and tell him that he didn't have to go! What was I thinking sending my two babies three and a half hours away on the fourth of July weekend with all that bad I-35 traffic!??? Everything in me wanted to take both of them back inside. But I didn't. I want my kids to know that they are loved and safe even without me. I want them to have great memories of staying with their grandparents. I want them to take little vacations from the nest through out their growing up years so that when it is time to fly, they won't be so afraid. I was having a inner war with myself as I hugged them goodbye.

Kolby has no problem leaving because she has done this before. In fact she looked at me like I was a nut when I got all teary eyed, but sympathetically she said would miss me too and she would take care of her brother. Rhett had already recovered by this time and was singing "See you in four nights and five days!" (That seems so long!!!!) I managed to dry up long enough to get out of the car and wave goodbye as they drove off, but I sobbed as soon as I turned to walk in the house! Rob was trying to be sympathetic but he let a few chuckles slip. He tried to tell me it's just all those pregnancy hormones... Maybe he is right.

Since then things have been so quiet around here. It is nice, but really, it is too quiet! I am going to do my best to enjoy the quiet however because it may not come again for years!!! I don't think Rob and I have been alone this long since way before Rhett was born. Last night I managed to get completely caught up on thank you notes, and Rob re-painted all the base boards in the kitchen. So now we are just waiting for the baby ...

I go to the doctor's office tomorrow morning and I hope and pray that we have a plan for birth by the time I leave! I'm grateful to have had this last week but, I'm ready now! Hopefully the baby will be ready too and make her debut very soon! We'll keep you posted...