Friday, June 30, 2006

Still here...still resting

Bed rest is not as bad as it sounded. Yesterday I rested most of the day so I could go to my shower last night. I had a wonderful shower and got so many precious things for this baby girl! I can't wait to get in the nusery and get it all put in it's new place. I am always overwhelmed at people's generosity when it comes to new babies! My sweet friends did a great job, the food was wonderful and my cousin Ashley's house looked amazing! It was such a fun night.

Kolby went and was so in party mode! No one enjoys a party like my sweet little girl! She wore a brand new pink and white dress and her first ever pair of "real panty hose" with white heels. She had a blast bringing me punch and helping open the presents. The girl even knows how to work a crowd! I've said it before, but I just can't get over how much this whole baby process has meant to Kolby. She has loved every minute of it! This baby is quite blessed to have such a sweet and doting big sister!

My Mom has been really worried about my blood pressure and me me having a stroke or something all week. Last night she did her best not too worry or make too much fuss over me. I guess you never out grow the Mommy worries! Even though I felt a bit silly, just to be safe, I sat in a recliner with my house shoes propped up most of the night! AND wonder of wonders, my blood pressure was absolutly perfect when I got home! I think God was at work there because all day long if I even got up or did much of anything, my bp would shoot up. I'm very grateful that I was able to go to my own shower! I'm very grateful for everything about last night!

Today is Rob's flex day so he is off. Kolby is going to Splash Kingdom camp this till noon and Rhett is swimming with neighbors. I have a blood pressure check at the doctor's office sometime today. Rob's Mom is coming in to see Kolby's program tonight and is planning to take the kids home with her for a few nights. SO if the blood pressure holds and the baby doesn't decide to make an early entrance, we are set for a few days of R&R! I honestly don't know what to think of that! There is nothing left to paint or clean and no place I'm allowed to go! I plan on taking full advantage of it all!

I'm going to teach Rob to blog so he can let you know as soon as the baby is here. In the mean time, I hope you all have a great, safe, Fourth of July weekend!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Nursery

Here it is...The Nursery!

This is the baby bed my grandmother bought for me 36 years ago!

All the furniture in this room, even the picture frames, (except the rocker on loan from my cousin Maria) has been stripped, sanded, primed and painted in the last month. Rob invested several layers of skin in this process and we all took turns painting. Do you think the baby will even notice? :)

My Mom made all but the quilt and the bumpers. She even made the bedding in the Moses basket, the basket liners under the changing table, the dust ruffles, the curtains ...Well everything! She says it has been fun but it was so much work for her! This baby is gonna love her Mama K!

This dresser was in my nursery, my teen room, my college dorm room, and then I repainted it for Kolby a six years ago. I repainted it last week for this baby.

My Mom and I came up with the idea to frame the squares from the quilt. Mom figured out how to do the squares and Sari and I painted the frames and had fun framing all these!

After next Friday there may be a little bookcase by this rocking chair under the quilt. We are waiting for a sale! :)

The little shelf on the wall was my great-grandmothers.

The rocking chair was made for my Mom by her grandfather on her first birthday!It has rocked many a mile holding the little members of our family. My Mom bought this basket from a group who imports them from a church group and uses the money for their village through some Baptist missionaries. She made all the bedding and I cut the mattress.

It has taken about thirty attempts to load these pictures and I have no idea why...But hey, I'm on bed rest and have nothing better to do! Now all we need is a baby....But hopefully not until next week! :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Sari!

Today is my sister's birthday! I was 8 1/2 when she was born which is almost exactly how old Kolby will be when this baby is born! I still remember so many of the details of the day Sari was born. She was overdue by a few days so my mother was induced. I remember sitting in the hospital waiting room with my grandparents for most of the day just waiting and waiting... It was no picnic for my Mom either. After hours and hours of labor, the doctor finally used forceups to get sari out and broke my Mom's tail bone in the process. Mom had to sit of a plastic clear donut for months afterward.

I just knew Sari was going to be a boy but really wanted her to be a girl. I would have been relieved at her birth except she came out looking like a little Eskimo! Every other baby in our family to that point (me and 3 cousins) had been blond with blue eyes. Sari had dark eyes, dark hair, and because she was a tad jaundiced, darker skin. At the same time a Hispanic family who had been waiting all day too had a blond haired blue eyed boy. I was absolutely convinced that there had been a baby swap! It took my mother telling me she had seen Sari the second she was born to convince me that the little Eskimo looking baby was my sister.

I wrote this before my doctors appointment today. I had planned to meet my sister and parents for lunch to celebrate Sari's birthday. Instead, we spent the most of the day in the labor and delivery ward being monitored for high blood pressure! It was a bit of a stroll down memory lane for Mom and I remembering how 20 something years ago she was in labor with Sari. For an hour or so Sari even had hopes of getting a neice on her birthday!

Yes, my heart caught up with my swollen ankles causing quite a bit of concern this morning. But after being monitored for 6 hours, my doctor let me come home tonight. I had to promise to stay off my feet and go back for another bp check on Thursday. He said he was tempted to keep me and induce, but both he and I want to give this baby one more week if possible. So I am at home, on the couch, straining to blog with my wireless keyboard.

No matter what, it looks like the longest we have to wait is another week or so! WOW!!!!!! It feels very real all of a sudden!

Thankfully, we finished the nursery yesterday! (insert halelujah chorus) I"ll post pictures as soon as I can. Our baby shower is Thursday night and Kolby is singing a solo in the church summer musical Friday night. I really don't want to miss either of these events. Please pray for normal blood pressure through the fourth of July weekend for me. But of course I want to do what ever is best for the baby and me so .... I best go pack that hospital bag!!! Stay tuned blog world! :) We might be having a baby this week! :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What's for dinner?

This is my new favorite easy summer meal. In fact, I am addicted to this menu. So easy and yet so good!

Turkey/Slaw Wrap
Fresh Blueberries and Strawberries with a smidge of splenda
Grilled ( or broiled if it's too hot to grill) zucchini
Peach fizz ice freeze

Turkey/ Slaw Wrap
Take one over sized thin flour tortilla (wal mart brand works fine)
Top with 1/4 to 1/2 cup "coleslaw" salad mix (buy the package it is faster than chopping)
Sprinkle with a two teaspoons of either sunflower kernels or toasted slivered almonds
Add a few teaspoons (just not too much) of any "from the bottle" Cole Slaw dressing ( I used Kraft this week)
Top with a few slices of shaved or #1 sliced turkey lunch meat (got to go with the good stuff from the deli)
Fold bottom over inch and roll ( so all your stuff doesn't fall out)

Peach Fizz Ice Freeze
(This is for a 4 quart ice cream maker)
Puree one 15 oz can on peaches in heavy syrup with one 14 0z can sweetened condensed milk (Eagle brand skim works!)
Pour in a chilled ice cream maker canister with dasher.
Slowly fill canister to fill line with 2 liters 7-Up, Gingerale, or any other clear soda (diet works but might taste "diet" like)
Follow directions on Ice Cream freezer . This is a light, fun and yummy summer dessert!

You can also do this with:
Big Red and strawberries or cherries (or sans fruit!)
Orange Crush and mandarin oranges or crushed pineapple
Root Beer , or Coke, or Dr Pepper and just Eagle Brand. It will taste like a Rootbeer float slushy, sort of! (But if you are not adding fruit don't use the diet drinks or skim eagle brand because it will have a funky after taste.)

Any one else have some favorite EASY summer recipes? If you can even call these recipes! :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Maverick fans are all a bit sad today. I know I am. Did last night really happen? Did the Mavs really loose the finals? Wow! What a sad game! The thing is I still think the Mavs are the better team. They did not play well three of the four quarters, missing at one point 16 shots in a row, and still only trailed by three in the end. I'm not a huge sports fan but I really wanted the Mavs to take it this year! I guess there is always next year!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Still here... 4 weeks to go!

Hey there blog land! I have not had too many bloggable thoughts lately. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going and I also can not believe how hard phyiscally it is getting for me to get anything done! I feel like cross between the Stay-Puft marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (after she chewed the gum and turned into a blueberry). Pretty huh? By 2pm my whole body is so swollen I can barely bend! I've had nightmares that the baby came and my body was stuck in swollen mode forever! I am looking forward to being able to wear shoes again.

OK swelling aside, we are slowly but surely making progress in the nursery. After a three week stripping, sanding, priming, painting, nightmare with the nursery furniture, it is all almost done. I am in love with the bedding! The curtains are hung and my Mom came up with a great art project to tie the room together, so we are almost there! It feels good/ weird to have a baby bed up in the house again!

Rob and I are coming closer to picking a name but we have both said we might just have to see her first to truly decide. It's still a bit hard to imagine us with a baby again. We have started talking to the kids about what a new baby needs and doesn't need. They are really excited! It's so funny to watch them talk to my tummy! I'm glad they are so into this process.

In other news, my kids went to VBS at the Baptist church where Rhett goes to pre-school last week. It was so wonderful! The kids loved it and I loved having a few mornings to myself. When I was little we never went to things at "other" churches. I think that is a shame. I love the people I have met through this church. The moms and teachers are wonderful! I still love our church and want my kids involved there, but I think exposing them to other Christ followers is a great thing! I want my kids to understand that we are Christians only not the only Christians and not be afraid of other churches.

There have been times I have wondered if I was doing something wrong by putting Rhett in a program other than the Mother's Day Out at our church. (which is a great little MDO program by the way!) But the other program fit more of what I felt Rhett needed. Three years later, I am so glad that Rhett has gone to a different school because we have met so many great people and Rhett has so many good little friends outside his little class at church. I absolutely LOVE Rhett's little group of friends at church, but I think it is important to have good Christian friends who attend other churches.

Anyway it was nice to have my kids in a great VBS that I didn't work! Our church is not having VBS this year, but when we do, I want to make sure and be a big part of it to give some of my friends the great break and awesome learning opportunity they gave me and my kids last week!

Well, that's the end of my blog time for today! Hope you are all having a great summer! Time to waddle off to the next task! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Misery loves company

Pulled this off of my Yahoo home page this morning. Here is the caption.

Qiao Yubo, who is pregnant with at least five babies, walks with her husband, right, in Songyuan, in China's northeast Jilin province, Sunday, June 11, 2006. Qiao, who is 1.67-meters tall ( that's 5'4 for Americans) , has a waistline measurement of 1.75 meters. (5' 7) She is only five months into her pregnancy. Qiao's excessive bulk is causing difficulties in getting around, with taxi drivers too afraid to take her in their cars. Her clothing is all custom-made and she eats up to seven meals a day. (AP Photo/EyePress)

Bless her heart! I hope there is an air-conditioner in her house! Somehow this makes me feel better... a lot better!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Pink Palace

At last we are finished decorating and moving Kolby into her new room! We still lack a few finishing touches, but this is as close as we will get before the baby's room is done. Speaking of, I best be getting back to that. Hopefully I can post finished nursery pictures before long!

Much of the inspiration for Kolby's room came from these wooden letters that she painted for a name plate for her door. I love doing kids room!

I copied Kolby's little letters and made them big for her wall. This was a fun, but time consuming, project!

We decided to put two beds in Kolby's room so that we could utilize under bed storage for toys, and after loosing the guest bedroom, I want to always have an extra bed up and ready. All of Kolby's toys are in pull outs under her beds.

This desk was my sisters when she was Kolby's age.
Kolby and Rhett love these beds! There are still lots of little girl touches in this room so that it isn't too teen (or tween) like but still leaves room for growth.

If you look in the far left top corner of this picture you will see one of Kolby's favorite parts of her new room. She has a TV/ DVD player mounted from the ceiling. It can only be turned on with the remote (which we keep most of the time) and gets only the five channels that Rob and I picked. Also anything over a G rating is automatically blocked out. You gotta love parental controls! I never wanted a TV in my kids rooms but when we lost our guest/ play/extra TV room... Well, I think this will work out!

This was my dresser all my growing up days.

Now on to the nursery.....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Getting Along

( rant warning)
With school out and both kids home we are having some "getting along issues" in our house, some for the first time really. Seems an 8 year old and an almost 5 year old find more to argue about than they ever have before. I constantly hear myself saying "You guys are going to have to be nice and learn to get along." We have talked about respecting each other and not saying hurtful things. Truthfully it has been exhausting!

One of my mommy escapes is to blog and read my e-paper. But this morning's read reminded me that kids aren't the only ones who struggle with "being sweet to each other and getting along." Seldom do I agree with Senator Hillary Clinton, but this time I have to say she has a point. Not to pick on Ann Coulter, but she goes way too far in my opinion. In fact there are way too many peoiple who have gone too far when it comes to criticism these days. Too many in our political process make a living off of dishing "the other guys" to prove a point. There are no boundries, no decent lines of respect, no punch too far below the belt. It's always all out war. It needs to stop. There are too many pundits and critics and too few public servants in the political landscape of our world.

The political polarizing of America in order "to get what our side wants" has gone too far. The left, the right, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Jews .... All of us are all guilty. I'm so tired of hearing from each party and each special interest group about what is broken in this country and what should be addressed by the government. I want to scream "Stop whining and do something constructive!" Seems we all need to go back to grade school days and re-learn manners, respect, sacrificing for others good, getting along, and just plain old being "nice"... Things that an exit tests can't gauge, but things that are more true indicators of what a person will contribute to the world in life.

I guess after reading about the ruckus going on the world, I should not be surprised or alarmed that my 8 and almost 5 year old haven't quite learned what politicians five times their age have yet to figure out. I will however double my efforts to teach my kids to get along, love each other, sacrifice my wants for your needs, and respect even those they do not agree with. I'm afraid our world today will not teach them any of these things. Where are all the good examples of servanthood, sacrifice, self control and working for the common good? I guess Jesus is the only example we can really hold up. I guess in ways that has always been the case. (end rant)

Thanks for letting me get that out. Back to Mommy world. Hope your summer is going well and that you have a great Thursday ....Oh and just for today, try to be nice and get along! OK? :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Checking in

Nothing to new today but thought I'd pop in and say Hi. We are still working on rearranging the house and getting everything ready for the baby. We spent all day Monday sorting through Kolby's stuff and getting her old room ready to become a nursery. My Mom and I spent much of yesterday trying to find some material to match what we bought at Pottery Barn.

The kids went to their first day of Summer Mother's Day Out at church and had a great time. Even though it's only been a week, I have to say I enjoyed the break from the two of them. I love my kids but breaks are so nice. Today we are continuing to move and organize closets and clean up. I'll take the kids swimming this after noon.

On the prego front...I don't think my feet can get any bigger without popping. It's really hard to walk at times. I had to get some men's flip flops at Target yesterday because my feet won't fit in anything else. The heat makes it worse but, I have yet to find anything that makes the swelling better. I had a dream last night that I was at a baby shower for me at a friends house and my water broke. IN my dream I was mortified that I had ruined the wing back chair I was sitting in and wondered how long I could hold off telling someone! Then I woke up. You know it might be fun to go into labor surrounded by girl friends...but I would hate to think of anyone having to clean that up!!! I think the dream is just wishful thinking on my part because if I went into labor at my shower the baby would be 18 days early! Fat chance!

Yesterday I spent some time with Mom and the kids a Target registering for baby stuff. Rhett made it his job to hold the scanner and zap barcodes. I had to go delete a few things such as Hot Wheels racing cars and Cars toys, but Rhett had a blast. I have never registered for a baby before and honestly I feel a bit silly. But as one of my friends said, people want to give you something, you might as well let them know what you want and need. So I did it. Still feeling a bit sheepish about it though!

So tonight is the first night in a year that we don't have a class to teach! I will actually miss this little Wednesday night class and hope we make it to church on Wednesday nights even if we don't HAVE to be there. It's going to be a challenge.

Ok I've rambled enough. Hope to check in with some before and after shots by weeks end! :)
Happy Hump Day!

PS Just in case you weren't in Mrs.Johnson's 2nd grade at Travis Elementary in the late 70's "hump day" is Wednesday! Hey....... Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a G rated blog! :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What's in a name?

I am taking a short break from my "clutter clearing, house organizing, furniture sanding, life altering home make over nesting" mania to vent about my latest mental challenge. I am completely conflicted over the name of this baby! We have narrowed it down to two, possibly three combinations. Why is this so hard for me? Why can't I just pick one out of a hat and be happy? I have never struggled over names like this. The first two ( Sara Kolby and Rhett Thomas) were easy to come up with for us. We agreed immediately. I love my kids names.

There were some grumbles when I insisted that Kolby be called Kolby and not Sara. I like the name Sara and all, in fact it was a tribute to my sister Sari and the many Sarahs in my family tree. But I wanted her called Kolby. Originally I wanted to name Kolby Shelby, but there were lots of Shelbys and my cousin named her dog that. I couldn't name my first born after a dog. I came across the boy name Colby and decided it sounded like a girl name to me. I also wanted Kolby to have my initials, SKG. AND Kolby Sara just didn't sound right. So, much to my in-laws chagrin, we call our daughter by her middle name. Who made the rule that you had to be called by your first name? Think outside the box people! (end rant)

Rhett's name was also easy. As far back as I can remember I have always loved the name Rhett. I had a good friend named Rhett. He was one of two people who I had a class with every year from first grade until we graduated from High School. Rhett was the life of the party and the nicest, most fun, guy. He was actually related to some of my relatives, so we kidded about being cousins. Rhett was the kind of guy I would have loved to have had for a brother. He reminded me a lot of my cousin Robby. Everyone liked Rhett. Tragically, Rhett was killed in a car wreck in college. I wrote his sweet Mom and Dad when my Rhett was born. They were thrilled to hear of another little Rhett and we still keep in touch now through Christmas cards. Thomas is Rob's middle name and my sweet grandaddy's first name...Although he was called Caskey, his middle name, his whole life. Rhett and Rob share the monogram RTG.

Now here we are on baby number three. Again one of my family member's has named their dog a name I would really like to use. Rob doesn't want his daughter sharing the name of a dog. The name I like the best is beautiful but again, I want the baby called by the middle name if we use this one. Rob isn't too sure he wants to do that again. Then there are some family names, but I'm not so sure I like them as much. Kolby likes my favorite name, Rhett likes Rob's preferred name of the moment...Though it is really Rob's third choice name because I nixed the other two. Rob said he would be fine with whatever I decide...but I want him to like the name as much as I do.

So we have six weeks to decide and I have no idea what will change that will make us pick a name. Would it be too much to give the baby 4 names? Yeah, I thought so! Let me know how you decided on your kids names. Any secrets or hints?

Back to the nesting phase....
Have a great weekend!

PS Want to see how common or uncommom your name is? Go look at this site! I have been spending lots of time here lately!