Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was able to see this movie last Friday night with my PTA officers. What a hoot! I laughed so hard and really just wanted to get up and dance a few times. I've thought about it all week. I want to go see it again, so anyone up for a girls night???

I LOVED Mamma Mia on Broadway and was very skeptical of this movie. Of course I knew I'd love the music. Who does not love ABBA? Honestly, I have no idea why Meryl Streep was cast as the "Mamma" because I think she is about 20 years too old for the part, or why Pierce Brosnan was put in any role where he had to sing... BUT IT WORKED! I loved watching this movie! I've been humming Abba tunes all week. AND you know my love for using "..." on this blog, even in the title? Well I have had a few chuckles to myself thinking about what "..." means in the movie! DOT, DOT, DOT!

I read someone say (it may have been a fellow blogger) that Mamma Mia is the Mom's / middle aged woman's "High School Musical." While I take a big exception to that middle aged part, I couldn't agree more! If you are over 28, you need to grab some girlfriends and go see this movie! It's just so fun and full of energy! And again, who doesn't love the music of ABBA?

If you have seen the movie, tell me what you thought. What was your favorite part? Who did you just love in the movie? What did you think of Streep in that role?

If you have not seen it yet, let's go!

Happy Thursday bloggies ...

(P.S. I'm having an ABBA party on my play list! Hasta Manana was my favorite song when I was in kindergarten! I would sing it with the radio into my Donnie and Marie microphone. I was thrilled when Debby Boone re-released it on the back side of "You Light Up My Life" ... Also on the playlist today! Oh the memories! I love ABBA! Really, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Angelo Part 1

(I said "part one" because I only have 25 minutes to blog right now and I have much more to say about my hometown!)

Greetings blog world! I just returned from the Texas PTA Summer conference in Austin and my 20th High School Reunion in San Angelo last night. Today is the last day of summer Mother's Day Out for all three kids and Rhett's first morning of Baylor Biddie Ball Camp. Nothing like coming back to hit the ground running! But I want to take some time to reflect on our trip an ask some of you what you think about going home and hometowns in general. But first things first.

I am so BLESSED to be a part of a very fun and active group of PTA officers this year! I'm very excited to work with all these ladies. We have so much fun together and we have so many ideas. I'm hoping our energy and zest for the year will rub off on the entire PTA board and the whole school. Our trip to Austin was a great bonding experience and I hope we came back with some strategies and concrete plans of action to get our year started right! It's so great to be part of a group that is really excited and ready to do great things!

San Angelo.
I'll talk about the 20th reunion in another post. Right now I just want to talk about my home town. I need to explain that I have not been back to my hometown for over 9 years. This is the town I lived in from 9 months of age until I married Rob at age 26. Growing up I thought I would never go more than a few weeks or maybe months with out being in San Angelo. So the fact that it has been 9 years since I have been "home" is crazy to me! What happened? I grew up and things changed. My parents moved away from San Angelo when I was pregnant with Kolby. I have no family there. We went back a few times right after Kolby was born for weddings and funerals, but nothing in 9 years.

Of course San Angelo has changed a lot in 9 years, as I would have expected it to. Some changes are good. New restaurants, new schools, new hotels, new highways and roads. There is a great new family center at my home church, Johnson Street C Of C.

But some changes were sad to see... The site of my old elementary school boarded up and abandoned with weeds growing knee high almost brought me to tears. The old "drag" on Sherwood Way was a very sad sight. Boarded up businesses, the street in need of repair, businesses that boomed when I was in High School have gone under and nothing has taken their places. The Village Shopping Center, which once housed bustling businesses, clothing stores and a movie theater, now only had one store I recognized. There were a few other cheenchy looking stores, but it was mostly just abandoned buildings. I have so many memories in that shopping center dating way back to when I was 3 or 4 years old all the way up until I bought the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner. It was sad to see this center so run down. AND I don't even want to talk about what our old houses looked like! Both the Rice and Tabossa house looked sad and in need of love! How could anyone treat "my" houses that way!? Didn't they know how cozy they were and how much we loved them? And BROWN. I don't remember San Angelo as being so brown! Not that Waco is a lush oasis or anything, but I was taken back by all the brown grass. Was it always like that?

Still, I loved being "home". I surprised myself by crying as I drove into town. I've really missed San Angelo. It felt good to be where things are familiar and much of my history was made. I loved going to church and still knowing so many people. I loved running into people we knew everywhere we went. I loved eating great Mexican food (although my favorite place was closed for vacation! The NERVE!!!) and only driving 5 minutes to get anywhere. I loved seeing friends who I have not seen in so long but who I could talk with like I had just seen them yesterday. San Angelo fit me like well worn glove, a little tattered, but it felt great!

The great thing is that Rob shares my love for San Angelo. Rob lived in San Angelo from first grade to fourth grade. (I didn't know him then.) Since he grew up in the military, if you include his four years at ASU, Rob actually lived in San Angelo longer than he had lived anywhere before we married. We had a contest to see who knew the most people at MY reunion. I won, but just barely!

Rob asked me if I thought we could ever live in San Angelo again? I'm not sure how to answer that. I have a feeling I could, but I know it isn't the same place where I grew up. It would not be the same. Besides we have a good thing going here where we are with all my family. Rob loves his job. We have great friends. Our kids are happy... Still, if the right job were to come along...

So let me ask you, how would you feel about living in your hometown again? Or if you do live in the town you grew up in, do you like it? Is it weird to raise your kids where you were raised or do you love it? It may be different if you lived in a thriving town. I don't think San Angelo is thriving. I want to hear back from you on this. REALLY! Because I'm just wondering...

More on this subject later. Right now I'm off to get some boys from camp and take them to MDO. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

P.S. I don't know if you are listening to the music, but the first song on my playlist is Third Day's "San Angelo." It really resonates with me for obvious reasons. I have no idea if they are talking about my San Angelo or what the story is behind this song. I just know this song speaks for me and to me. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help me make up my mind...UPDATED

I LOVE your comments! I feel like I just had some friends over for coffee and got their opinions. HOW FUN!
(As you know) For the last few weeks (months, or is it years?)I have been trying to re-decorate and freshen-up our living areas. The thing with decorating is that it is expensive, time consuming, and frankly, there are too many options. Now don't get me wrong, I love decorating and I love options! Problem is, I'm not fond of having to make decisions. (Contradictory? Yes, I know.)

ANYWAY, I have spent lots of time lately trying to decide which thing-a-ma-bob looks best in this or that place. As simple as it sounds, it's not. Not for me anyway. I always have 2nd thoughts. (and 3rd, 4th, 5th etc...) Thoughts like: Does this clash with that? Are the heights right? Is there too much of this color over there? Should I change that thingy out over there? What if I put it on a book? What if I paint this to bring out the color in that? See? Too many options!

So in the spirit of keeping it real, I thought I'd share some of today's decorating indecisions with you and get your input. Hearing what others think usually helps me decide what I like... Even when it isn't what everyone else likes. (Weird? Yes, I know. I just came this way.)

So below are some decor options. Please vote on which option you like best in comments. I of course reserve the right to pick the one I like best anyway soon as I figure that out.)

Which arrangement?What do you think?
AND now there is Option C
This is why it takes me so long to decorate. I have to try everything out and switch it around a few hundred times. Any votes for C?
Do you think picture A is a good replacement for Picture B? As I have not fully committed to picture A, it has not been hung. It might look better hung. I think I like A. Is it too big? Picture B was too small for me but, I don't want to go to the other extreme.
I think I am going to go with picture A. This picture was such an incredible bargain that I don't think I can walk away from it. Besides, I think it will it will look good with the leather couch we want. (PS I don't think my walls look this yellow in person! )

Check back later as I plan to add some more. :) Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Nights

Updated with captions 7-22 Good Morning Blog World!

Seems like the Mondays are coming so fast this summer!
We have a full week ahead with Dance Camp, 3 baseball games, Rob 's trip to CA for work, friends coming by to visit for a night, my constant quest to get our house redecorated, the state PTA conference in Austin for me, and finally our family trip to San Angelo for my 20th High School reunion next weekend! I'm overwhelmed from just typing that list... Can you imagine what living it will do to me? 8>) Looks like we are going to have a great week!

I may come back and add captions later, but for now here is a random assortment of pictures and video from last week that I'll call SUMMER NIGHTS....

EK has discovered the fn of swimming in Mommies bath tub every night... She even wants her duck float.

Our bedtimes are getting later and later! Maybe becasue it is more fun to play outside after the sun goes down.

I put these up for EK's party and love them so much I can't take them down!

Mama K and Ella Kate enjoy some after dark jumping on the trampoline. Yes. I said MAMA K!

I was so pleased to sit in my living room and look at my finished shelves at night that I took these pictures.

Of course the rest of the house is a wreck from me getting the bookshelves decorated, but still...

Along with the later bedtime, a new addition to EK's night time routine (if what we have done this summer qualifies as a routine!) is to "watch Ella Kate" on the computer. This entails someone sitting in front of the computer with EK, making a mini movies with the web cam and then watching it over and over and over... Here is one from last night I will call
My Little Star

My next post probably won't be until next week. Looking at my "To Do" list and calendar, I think that post will be titled Summer DAZE!

Hope you are enjoying the blessing of these sweet summer days and nights!

P.S. Please leave comments. I'm starting to feel lonely on this blog :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Thoughts for Tuesday

Isn't there a way to make a G rated Guitar Hero? Or GH with out the "real" lyrics? Or maybe with bleeped lyrics? Like a Disney channel version or something? I mean come on! My almost 7 year old loves Guitar Hero (and is quite good at it, might I add) but I refuse to let him play "Raining Blood' or "Number of the Beast. " He doesn't want play these songs for the lyrics, just for the challenge and the points. But Ack! I can't do it! Am I the only Mom who makes kids play GH with the sound muted? Who ever had the brainchild of Guitar Hero could make even more $$$ if they would come up with a kid friendly version of this!!!! I would buy it! Would you?

I took the plunge today.
WOW! Many of you are already there because you are the ones who convinced me to join. It's been really fun today finding friends. I have no idea what I'm doing but... 24 people said I could be there friend today! That alone made it worthwhile! But I fear it's another good, fun thing to keep me away from what I really should be doing. What do you guys think? And if I haven't formally asked you yet ... Will you be my friend?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday morning thoughts

Truly last Friday's post was long enough for a week. But I have a sec and wanted to check in briefly with a few random thoughts for Monday....

The David Crowder Band.
Where have I been? Have you ever listened to their music? I mean really listened? For years Sari has gone to the church this band calls home. She has become friends with some of the band members families, especially one or two of the wives. I thought the DCB was just for "the younger/est generation". And they are. But they are so much more. Last night I was listening to Kolby's i-pod. (Yes. The I-pod her Aunt Sari gave her and filled with music from I-tunes because I hadn't ever learned to do I-tunes.) There is a lot of David Crowder on Kolby's worship playlist. I was overwhelmed when I really listened. Now I see why so many "young" people are taken with them. If this is the music the younger generation is listening to... the future of the Kingdom has never looked brighter! Give them a listen.

Blueberry Muffins
I'm typing to the smell of some cooking right now. YUM! Yes. I know they are not the breakfast of champions. HOWEVER, they can't be worse than do-nuts! Every once in a while a fresh hot blueberry muffin is a good thing! I'm not talking about the "Martha White tear the package and add water type" muffins with bitter bits of blue fake berries. I'm talking about "made from scratch, with fresh blue berries and a sprinkle of crunchy raw sugar on top" muffins. Now that is breakfast food worth getting out bed for! If you don't have a good recipe, buy the Betty Crocker mix in a box. It comes with a can of baby shrunk and shriveled-up blueberries. Add real, fresh ones instead or in addition to the can. A heaping cup full will do. Be sure to sprinkle each muffin with a dash of raw sugar or the big sprinkle size white sugar just before baking. If you just have to make them healthy... make with 1/2 cup apple sauce instead of oil, egg-beaters instead of eggs, and throw in a cup of "All-bran" with an extra tablespoon of water. It will make your muffins huge and a bit heavier, but healthier none the less. (Make 15 instead of 12?)
A fresh blueberry muffin chalk full of hot blueberries, each bursting with sweet and tarty good blueness... This is the muffin I remember loving from my childhood. I will make them for my grandchildren some day. I want them to be brought to me when I'm old and "in the home." Nothing says "lazy summer morning" like a hot, fresh blueberry muffin! YUM! Wish you were here to have one!

Sari is my Genius!
Last night, armed with a memory stick and the computer genius of Jim on speed dial, Sari was able to defy what the mighty Mac Geniuses said could not be done last year. She rescued the pictures off my old PC and put them on my I-mac! (INSERT HALLELUJAH CHORUS HERE!) Yeah for Sari!!!! I feel like she rescued a treasure chest full of memories from the ashes of a smoldering fire! And there is more... Now I can actually go back through and rescue some old documents and clip art too! You have no idea how happy this makes me! I have so missed my old computer... or at least my stuff that was on it. Now I can get all that I loved off and learn to use the it on my new Mac. YEAH!!!!! Finding the time to be able to go through and salvage everything I want and transfer it won't be easy... BUT at least we know it can be done! YEAH!

An HGTV Moment
You know I am addicted to and in love with most things HGTV, but Saturday night I felt a freaky almost weirded out connection to David Bromstead's Color Splash. He was doing a vintage basketball themed TV bonus room. When he started drawing his plan it was so eerily similar to my plan for Rhett's room that I jumped up and dug through four boxes of packed up entertainment center stuff to find an blank tape for the VCR to tape the show. (No, we have not joined the DVR generation yet AND No, I still have not unpacked all that was packed up to do the floors in uh ...MARCH!) ANYWAY... It was weird.I have been thinking about, drawing and trying to plan Rhett's room over a year now. Before I found the great deal on lockers from Craig's list, I had planned to use red lockers from IKEA. David Bromstead used those same lockers and made the same sort of storage ET center like I have planned for Rhett's desk/ storage area. Ok. That doesn't even begin to explain all the similarities. I guess I can't explain why I was so weirded out by the whole thing, but I was. And now I am even more excited to get Rhett's room done!
I told Rob it must mean that it was all meant to be and maybe the show was a sign that I will be able to get it all done. I think Rob was rolling his eyes on the inside. I'm a decor nut. Lately (as in the last 10 months!) I have had so many "projects" going that no one really wants me to get going on something else, but it's too late. Aside from the paint and the molding, I actually have everything. I just have to get in there and get it done.
I think I am driving my family/husband nuts! But Rob is really good about it. So glad he loves me anyway! :) SO I am super motivated to get the house in order fast today and go get the paint to start Rhett's long awaited and talked about room re-do! :)

I'm Your's Factory Sale
For local yocals the Big "I'm Yours" sale was this weekend. I missed it, but I have learned over the years that there is still good stuff left on Monday and Tuesday after the sale. So if you haven't been, and you like that kind of thing, get on over there!

OK. That's all I've got. For now anyway. Happy Monday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's all over but the...


My we have had a big week around here! (Was it just one week?)
First off it was the Fourth of July. It was a bit different this year with Kolby off
at camp, but we still had a fun day that included lots of family, food and fireworks!

Missing our Kolby but still having fun!

Swimming with the family..

The three big cousins in 4th of July Shirts made at MDO

All the cousins (minus campers Kolby and Sam) watching fireworks...poor Whitney just had her hand stepped on in this one, but it was still the best picture!

As you know by now, the 5th of July is a big day for us too! Little Miss Ella Kate turned 2! Since Kolby was away we postponed her big party until Monday the 7th. But that didn't stop us from celebrating on the 5th too! Rob's sister Connie and her two kids, Katie and Drake, came down from Bells to help us celebrate. Ella Kate was quite taken with her little cousin Katie who is just 6 months younger.

Water sliding with Katie... The kids table is the most fun place to be!

Happy Birthday Ella Kate!

Presents! EK Loves to open presents and tears every last scrap of paper off the box. (She loves this clock which is a remake on the 1968 original in the Fisher Price Classic Series. They have an original one at church in EK's Sunday school class. She wants to sleep with her clock every night now!)

Ready for bed after another big day of celebrating....

Sunday morning modeling their cute matching new outfits from Aunt Connie! (As if I didn't have them wear matching Elmo swim suits and short sets the day before! Connie and I seem to enjoy dressing our Katies alike! :)

We had some time to rest on Sunday and to get ready for another big day of celebrating on Monday. After Kolby's return from camp and Grandma's arrival from from Denison Monday afternoon, we got the house all "Elmo-ed up", fired up the water slides in the back and headed to Rosa's to meet everyone for a birthday dinner.

(Someone asked if I am always going to display toys in this bookcase/cabinet. Uh... No. While I love toys, I just haven't had a chance to finish getting all my real decor back out and in place. I made the doors at the bottom to hide all the toys. The Elmo motif was just for the birthday! :)

Three (or is it four) parties later, we really got our $$$s worth out of that waterslide! And it's still going!

We had a fun time at Rosa's with all the family.

Then we headed to the house for birthday cake...


The three little cousins! We can't wait until Kelton becomes a big brother in just two months! (or less)

Trampoline jumping...

Mama K and Papa gave EK this brand new BLUE trampoline bed for her birthday after our old one died last month. EK is SO happy to be able to jump again!


Sue Sue & Biggy gave EK a SUGAR! dog that looks just like the real one. EK is fascinated with Sue Sue's "Suu-gar! "

EK loves this baby from "Am Ma" (Grandma) but she was also really into the card! In fact she loves it and calls it her Am-Ma book! I didn't expect a 2 year old to be so into her cards!

and more fun!

Rob took the kids to the front to do "pops' and glow sticks.
(Tired yet? I know I was but wait there is more....)
After a pretty late night Monday I was amazed how ready my kids were to get up and go to Mother's Day Out on Tuesday! But it was bowling day for the big kids and Ella Kate had the last of her 2 year old birthday celebrations with her little class and teachers!

Aren't they all so cute?! Oh, and that red coming our of their mouths is from the Elmo decorations. I'm sure all the Moms loved me for that.

So with all the birthday celebrations over, I was looking forward to a few quiet days at home. Rhett's baseball game was rained out Tuesday night so we went out to eat early and everyone went to bed early.

Much to my dismay, I woke up at 6am Wednesday morning with a high fever and my stomach cramping something fierce. I spent the next 7 hours running from my bed to the rest room with "stuff" coming out both ends. Sometime around the 6th hour, delirious with fever and exhaustion, I started wondering if my will was up to date. It was miserable. Rob had to come home from work to watch Ella Kate as I could not do anything and my Mom and sister were out of reach. My doctor called in some great prescriptions around 2pm which made everything stop and made me sleep. I don't think I left my bed for 15 hours after that. Two days later, I am starting to feel human again. We think it could have been food poisoning or just a nasty virus... but I am the only one we know who has had it. Aren't I lucky?!

Poor EK did not understand what was wrong with me Wednesday. She cried at my bedroom door until Rob got home to entertain her. She keeps coming in my room asking "You sick Mommy?" It's nice to finally say "No baby, Mommy's not sick anymore." However, after I surveyed the house this morning, I did feel a bit queasy again! Even though I was the one sick, it looks like every room in our house threw up on it's self! How did that happen so fast?

So this weekend we are going to take it easy (after we clean up) and try to re-coop from our big week of parties and stomach bugs. If anyone stuck around long enough to read this novella long post, I hope we all have a great relaxing, HEALTHY weekend!