Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love this day! for me halloween is all about dressing up, trunk-or-treating, then trick-or-treating, great pictures, my favorite uncle's birthday, the smell of pumkin spice candles, chili cooking on the stove for Frito Pie, black kettles full of halloween candy, my favorite fall colors everywhere, jack-o-lanterns lit on porches, streets full of families, flash lights and glow sticks, friends, family, chilly night air, hot chocolate and lots of FUN! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I have been dieing to blog but I have a problem.. We have our new computer but it is not hooked up to the Internet yet. We have a new camera too but it is not hooked up to the old computer (which is dieing!) At the moment the old computer is still the only Internet access we have... So I have all these things I want to blog about and all these pictures to share and no way to really share them. Everything should be up and running in the next few days, so be on the look out for many a catch-up post!

(soap box warning) Had to send Kolby and Rhett to school costume-less and treat-less this morning. GGGRRRRR! It is elementary school for Pete's sake! I do not like how all the fun seems to be draining out of our public schools with FMNV rules and limited party days. Yes they need to learn and have a non-distracting atmosphere that does not encourage obesity...But you only get so many Halloweens as a kids! Of course we will celebrate all things sweet and Fall-ish tonight so my kids will not miss out on much. Guess I just wish we could get more use out of those costumes! (stepping down now)

Hope everyone has a fun, safe, memory-filled, non-scary Halloween!

Here is what my little trick-ortreators will be wearing!

Friday, October 26, 2007

That's my boy!

Seems Like I don't blog about Rhett as often as I do his sisters. It is not for lack of anything other than time... and perhaps a little squeaky wheel syndrome.

I miss having Rhett around as much now that he is a big kindergartner! But I would not have it any other way as he truly loves school and still is so happy to go off with his Dad and sister every morning. Rhett has adjusted really well to school. His teacher told me he should have a perfect report card next week. He hasn't even missed a day! Rhett still gets a bit worn out towards the end of every week, but he is learning and soaking it all in like the 6 year old sponge of a boy he is!

Rhett does his homework the minute he gets home with no prompts from me. He makes sure I do not forget to sign his folder everyday. He is very good at keeping up with his things. So far he has not forgotten a show-n-tell and loves to talk about the letter of the week and find things that start with it everywhere we go. He fusses at me if we have not laid his clothes out together before he goes to bed. He wakes up to his own alarm clock and is dressed down to his shoes (and now jacket) before any of us are even out of our PJs. He is all business when it comes to being ready for school. I love that about him!

Rhett is also very funny! He cracks me up without trying on a daily basis. For instance, at his school carnival there was a silent auction for a "date" with each teacher. (Movies, ice cream or whatever the teacher picked) We asked Rhett if he wanted to"bid on his teacher." He gave us a puzzled look and said, "I already have her everyday for free!" As if... I then told him it was to bid on a date with his teacher, to which he replied in disgust and dismay, "Mo-om! She is Married!" I think he even rolled his eyes. He was quite eager however to bid on an hour and a half of free time in the gym with five friends. He was elated when he won!

Rhett gets fired up easily. A birthday party invitation makes his day. Getting to rent a PS2 game is the best thing ever! Spending some time with his cousins or friends and he is a happy guy. At the mere mention of a trip or a hotel stay he will jump up and down like he has won the lottery. Rhett loves going to church and hates it if he misses "first class" (Sunday School). He also loves to play outside with friends and LOVES his soccer games and practices. He is a social little guy, but in a completly different way from his sisters.

You never have to wonder what Rhett thinks about something or how he feels about something... Whether bored to tears, mad as a hornet, or happy as a clam, it is clear by the expression on his face. That has been both a good and bad thing.

Rhett loves his Mama and the feeling is beyond mutual. One of my favorite things to do is to read cards (brain teasers) or books with Rhett at bedtime. He always tells me funny stories about kids in his class or something he did that day.

Recently Rhett was griping about a girl in his class who got his table in trouble. She gets multiple clip/color changes almost everyday. I told Rhett he still had to be nice to her and that we should pray for her to find a way to act better. After several nights of praying for the little girl, Rhett stopped mid prayer to tell me we didn't need to pray for her anymore. I asked if the girl was acting better. Rhett said "No It's not working." When I suggested it might take time, Rhett said " I don't want to bother God with ___, She bothers Mrs H and our whole class enough for everyone." Now where did he learn to think like that?????

His lack of compassion for repeat class disruptors aside, Rhett is a pretty sweet little boy. He loves his sisters. Ella Kate loves her brother so much! She looks for him everyday and is so happy whenever he pays her the least bit of attention. But Rhett is pretty good at paying attention to both his sisters. He is a better baby watcher than Kolby. He completely freaks if Ella Kate puts anything in her mouth and is quick to come to her aid if she is in trouble. He also loves Kolby who is not always as nice as she should be to him. He always wants to make sure Kolby gets a prize or a treat of he does. He hates it when she is in trouble. He also loves to hang out in her room though both of them don't like to admit it.

Rhett loves his Dad and lives to go do guy things with him. He loves that his Dad and Robby coach his soccer team. He still runs excitedly to the door to greet Rob everyday when he gets home. They have a special bond as the out-numbered guys in this house.

Rhett was my scariest delivery, pregnancy and probably my most challenging baby, but he is a gem of a kid! It is fun to be his Mom (Though he does try to push the limits at times, no kid is perfect!) I feel very blessed to be able to watch him grow into the fine young man I know God wants him to be. I love you Rhett-r-roo!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I just got an e-mail that our IMac has shipped. I will not be blogging much until it gets here. I am excited and a bit nervpous about getting it. Our Gateway has been withus since Kolby was a baby. I have a gazillion things on this computer. But, it's time to move on. And look (below) at how clean it looks compared to a PC! I need something simple and uncluttered. Not sure what to do with the old computer or how to convert the files/ photos I really need to save. Anyone have any Mac/ conversion/ storage tips? Let me know what you think!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Howdy

What is so scary about being a cowgirl for Halloween?
Ask Ella Kate!

Yeah, it was a fun Sears photo session!

I was sweating by the time it was over. Kolby and Rhett were troopers, but little EK just didn't like being told where to sit, or stand, or to smile, or anything. She made us all work for these pictures...and work hard! But it is sorta funny looking back on it. I had to chuckle as I heard myself say "OK you guys step on her skirt so she can't run off again!" and "Hold on to her with your hand that does not show and hold on tight!" We did get good pictures but it was not easy!

This was my favorite but, it was more centered when I ordered it and not so digital blurry.

I think this one is sweet too!

This is the only one we have of EK in her hat...imagine that!

I love these little cowpokes more than anything in the world and LOVE that we have these cute pictures... no matter how hard it was to get them! People laugh at me for my kids matching costumes and pictures but I don't mind. When am an old lady in the rest home, I know pictures of these fun dress-up Halloween years when my kids were still young enough to not mind matching will be some of my favorite! You know how I love a theme! (Click here if you want to see thewhole Parade of Halloween pictures!)
Last year's Halloween Pictures...they all have grown so much!

On a completely different note, EK got four big shots in her legs today at her 15 month check. I HATE SHOTS! But I hate being sick more so we do what we do. She has had fever off and on and at times today would limp or not even want to walk. Bless her heart! She has a pretty high fever tonight. I hope it is better in the AM! You hear horror stories about immunizations causing awful reactions and somehow those stories always haunt me when my kids get their shots. I have talked to our doctor about this and she assures me it is worth the risk. Still, I do not like shots.

For the record Ella Kate weighed exactly what she weighed at her 12 month check, but has grown an inch. She is in the 50% percentile for weight and the 75% for height. So far she and Kolby are about the same. Dr K said she looked great and we have no worries...other than having a very active mobile 15 month old whom we have to watch like a hawk! Ella Kate is a mess, but a sweet , loving, funny mess with a great personality and a infectios zeal for life ... and I would not change her for anything! EK has us all wrapped around her little finger! And happy to be "wrapped' at that! Even though a camera can not capture just how precious this baby girl is to us all, I sure hope she lets us get some better pictures of her soon!

These are really fun times with our little Ms. Tooty Pants! and Kolby and Rhett too! Rob and I are very blessed and are amazed God loved us so much that he entrusted these amazing littel people into our care. It is humbling yet heart-swelling to be the Mom of these three!

Hope you have the time to make some great memories with your favorite little people during these great fall days!
Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mrs. Mama... I think not!

With Kolby home the last two days, I did a little bit of "Mommy Homeschooling." Missing two days in 4th grade makes for quite a bit of make-up work, as I guess it should. But just in case I ever take a nasty fall and hit my head and totally loose my memory, I thought I would write down the things I have learned/remembered in the last two days ... Just in case homeschooling should ever come up as an option in our household.

Reasons I Can Not Home school My Children..
1. I am not a morning person. School would not start until 2 in the afternoon.
2. I have a bit of test anxiety and would want to skip testing altogether.
3. Beyond third grade, math gives me headaches.
4. My house would never have a break to be cleaned and would be condemned by mid-term.
5. I am too ADD to teach a 4th grader, a kindergartner and keep up with a 15 month old .. It takes all my concentration just to make their lunches!
6. Have you seen how I spell? and type? Yeah. 'Nuff said!
7. Kolby and I would never make it. Seriously. I love her and she loves me, but we clash. I want her to have better memories of me than that.
8. My social children would be depressed if they could not go somewhere and be with friends all day. They would feel punished. And I think I might feel the same.
9. I am a better mother and my kids are better kids when someone else is "the teacher".
10. Rob could not afford my salary and classroom expenses on his own so I would have to go back to work...and well.. can't home school from work! :)

I do not look down on those who home school. I just feel like they must be from a different planet. I admire them but at the same time do not "get them" at all. I think Moms who home school have to be made out of a better, stronger, or maybe just a completely different substance than I. Now, if we ever had to live overseas, or if one of my kids ever had some health issue that made home-schooling completely necessary, I would rise to the occasion. But as I rose, I would be looking for other options. Maybe they could be blog-schooled? :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


I love weekends but lately... Weekends wear me out! Having said that we had a fun, albeit busy, weekend.

Friday Kolby went on her first church retreat. She was thrilled and has been looking forward to this for weeks! I still can't believe she is in 4th grade and old enough to go to camp and on retreats... But she is and she loves it! She got home yesterday right as church was getting out. Tired but happy.

With Kolby gone you would think we would have had a more laid back weekend.. but no. Friday night we went to Susannah's 2nd birthday party. It was a fun low-key family birthday party. (if you call 8 kids and 13 adults meeting at a restaurant low-key!) We went back to my cousins Ashley's house for cake,presents and more fun. Right before we left , Samantha ( Ashley's oldest) sang us the song she sang in her school talent show last week. I was blown away. I have been around this child regularly through out her 8 .5 years of life and had no idea she had a voice that powerful! We may see big things from Sam in the future!

Saturday I worked all morning on the never ending edits of the Fall PTA newsletter. (gggrrr) I finished just in time to rush off to Rhett's soccer game. After the game Rhett's buddy Thomas came over to hang out until we went to (cousin) Justin's birthday party. R and T had a great time!

Justin's party was at Young Champions. YC is the first of a planned chain of franchised gym/inflatable/arcades/fitness centers for kids. The man who started Curves International and Young Chef's Academy has teamed up with some former NFL trainers and players to launch Young Champions. Yes! Right here in Waco, Texas. Who'd a thunk? Brett Farve was actually here for the YCopening and is a partner in the franchise. Anyway, it was super fun place and the owners are good people! I hope all goes well and that there will soon be a Young Champions near you!

Saturday night I let Rhett rent two Play Station games. He has been begging to rent games since his birthday. He and Rob had so much fun! It cracks me up to watch them play. They are both so intense! And little Rhett actually beat his Dad in NBALive 2008...fair and square! Rob did not give him anything. It was a proud moment for Rhett! Rob too...I think.

Sunday we went to church, got Kolby and went to lunch with some of the family. Late afternoon we left EK with my Mom and sister so Rob and I could take the older two to the Fair and Rodeo. Our school district hosted a family day for a reading program all the libraries put on every other year. We bought the theme book of the year and picked it up at the Fair with hundreds of other families from our school and district!

It was a fun day because we saw so many friends and people we know. The rodeo was fun, but a bit long. The kids were itching to go ride some rides. Since we had free admission and parking from the school, we let the kids ride a few rides...but much to their dismay Rob and I were not willing to fork over $25 each for armbands! And honestly after we went through $20 worth of tickets, we (as in Rob and I) were ready to go. The fair is not the cleanest place. I was ready to go somewhere and wash my hands! We ate at Double Dave's with family on the way home. Then it was time for bathes and bed! That was our weekend. It went so fast!

Kolby seems to have picked up an unwanted visitor this weekend. Around 2:30AM she came to tell me her stomach hurt. Before she could make it to the restroom...her stomach spewed it's contents everywhere! Bless her heart, Kolby tried to stop it with her hands and ended up getting it all over her. and the carpet. and the walls. and the ceiling. I thought we might need new carpet before, but now I know we do! YUCK!!!!!!!! Nothing like cleaning nasty from the carpet at 4AM to start the week off!

Needless to say Kolby is home today. She has fever and feels awful. She was totally bummed about already blowing her perfect attendance for the year. Really. In our family is perfect attendance ever a realistic goal? I can't imagine. Anywho... my plan to get up and out early with EK was shot. Seems like many of my plans are getting shot down as of late. But we managed.

Rhett went to school by himself for the first time today. I don't think he gave it a thought, but I did. I love my kids going to school together. There is comfort in numbers. (Still sad that this is one of only two years any of my 3 kids will ever share a school campus!)

Anyway, today we are in sick mode. Hopefully Kolby will keep this virus to herself! And be through with it soon!! I'm not ready to be in sick mode this early in the school year! But on the plus side, her class is reading Sarah Plain and Tall this week which is one of my favorites! "Homeschooling" won't be so bad for a day or two if I get to read this little book again!

Just re-read this post ... Blessings to anyone who still reads this mommy dribble I call a blog. I blog more to journal now. I probably would have stopped blogging months ago (out of boredom with posting and busy-ness of life ) but I just can't stand to break ties with all my blog buddies. Besides someday I am going to want to remeber all this...Right?

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


My mouth hurts. I had a root canal Tuesday.
Evidentally there was still some infection in that canal before it was sealed off.
Now my whole cheek is swollen and I feel like my tooth could explode at any moment.
I hate pain.
I can see how someone who hurt all the time could become addicted to pain killers.
Speaking of, I am due some.
They don't help much but they make me able to sleep.
Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in and take that infection out.
I sure hope so because it is impossible to be a fun Mom, wife daughter, friend etc when your cheek and mouth are throbbing!
And i am all about being fun.
But not today.
Tell me about your ouches.
It will make me feel better.