Friday, May 30, 2008

First & Lasts

First Day of School / Last day of School

I always love to look at these pictures and see how much my kids (and their teachers! :) have changed. Looks like Rhett grew a few inches!!! K graduation pictures to follow later. I would love to post more now but I'm sorta emotional today. Thank goodness I didn't ugly cry at school, even though I did tear up two or three times! It's a happy tearing up for the most part... I am just constantly amazed (and at times overwhelmed) at how this stage in our lives can have some of the longest days, yet the shortest years! Don't want to miss a minute of it!

Happy Last Day of School and HELLO SUMMER!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elementary lasts

Yesterday was the 4th Grade Awards Assembly at our little school. Kolby did so well this year and received 4 awards. She said it was no big deal, but we are so proud of her! She has overcome a lot to get where she is and deserves to be rewarded! This was Kolby's last Elementary Awards Assembly. (sigh)

This last picture may be a bit silly. As I sat in the pick-up line at school today I realized this was the last time I will ever be able to pick Rhett and Kolby up at the same time from the same school, so I grabbed the camera from my purse and took this shot. (Rhett gets out a few hours earlier than Kolby because of his graduation tommorrow.) Don't they look hot and tired! K had a kickball tourney most of the day.

Evidently I'm not the only sentimental Mom. A little girl in Rhett's class was picked up by a limo today since it was her last day in the Kindergarten pick-up line..... My picture doesn't seem so silly now, does it? :)

Tomorrow is the last day Kolby and Rhett will ever go to school together. I have loved having Kolby and Rhett at the same school this year! I'm not sure they would admit it, but they have really enjoyed going to school together. They always talk about seeing each other in the halls or outside. Rhett watched Kolby's kick ball game during his recess today. Kolby always takes care of notes and cafeteria payments for Rhett. They look out for each other and have fun talking about different school events or what was said on announcements. I'm going to miss hearing them talk about school. Can you tell that I am really sad that they can not be in school together longer?!

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I'm afraid I will ugly cry.
Must stop thinking about that and wrap teacher presents!
Happy next to the last day of school!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looking back

Just three more "school" mornings! I can't believe it. Rhett will be a first grader and Kolby will be a fifth grader! And Ella Kate is less than two months away from being two years old! How in the world?

Last night my big family got together to celebrate my Aunt Sue Sue's birthday! We all got sitters so the adults could go to ShoGun Japanese Steak House. Afterwards we got our kids and met at my Mom's house for cake and presents. Sari and I made a slide show for Sue Sue of her life in pictures. (At least the pictures we had!) She loved it. One of the many things I love about my aunt is how she is always so appreciative of anything you do for or get for her. She always takes on so and makes you feel like you gave her the best present ever! Last night was no exception.
Here is a little taste of the slideshow we made. Yes, I have the most beautiful Aunt!

Anyway, Sari and I had a lot of fun putting the slide show together. It was so neat to comb through old pictures of my Grandparents and see us all grow up again in photographs. It's left me feeling rather sentimental... which means I better wear waterproof mascara for Rhett's Kindergarten graduation Friday! :)

Happy last week of school!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Day 5 of the egg watch.
Still waiting....

I've never been a fan of waiting. I feel a bit sorry for the bird having to sit there all day on birdie nest-rest. But the daddy bird takes his shift too and at least her bundles of joy are already out and not kicking and poking her in the ribs or making her ankles swell.
Then again, she did have to push those eggs out.
All mothers are heroes.
Waiting stinks!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mourning dance

If you have not heard or read about the horror that struck Stephen Curtis Chapman's family last night you can read about it here. Yesterday I also read about a family in Dallas that had the same thing happen to them the night before. You can read that story here.

Stories like this... there just aren't words to express the sorrow!
I love this Stephen Curtis Chapman song Cinderella that was inspired by his daughters. Today I listened to it with a different heart. I can almost see a little girl dancing in heaven as her grief stricken family is thrust onto the long, hard, winding road we call "survival." I have known too many families that have been down that road. Only Jesus is enough to take all the pain and emotion that will follow. God bless them all!

Thank you Lord God for being "close to the brokenhearted" and for "saving those who are crushed in spirit."* Please wrap these families in your arms and don't let go. If humanly possible please someday let them take a measure of comfort in knowing those sweet babies now dance with you.
*Psalms 34:18

This is a really cute video of Stephen Curtis Chapman with his daughter.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cuteness Overload

Last night EK's MDO had a little end of the year program. It was only about 40 minutes long but it was packed full of cute kids doing cute things on a stage! The kids were hilarious. I'm not sure if any of them did what they were supposed to do but they just made us laugh. EK did pretty good on stage. Her time in the audience was a different story. She was so wound up! She loved it though!

Sadly my camera setting were all messed up so most of my onstage pictures are all blackish. (If any of the other parents there last night are reading this and just happened to get a picture with EK in it, I would love to have it! E-mail me! :) The best picture I have (below) was taken during "The Lord's Army" (which was sung last after "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "If You're Happy and You Know It" )

Here is a shot of all three kids right before the show.

Ella Kate is showing off her new "cheese" smile. She cracks me up!
I did manage to capture 1/40th of last nights performance on my camera... so at least I have one minute of EK's class "performing!" (You tube clip below)

So much fun! I don't know of anything more fleeting or precious than these toddler/preschool years!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Location, Location, Location

I don't want to take away from my post this morning so please read it and give me your input...
But I wanted to share the surprise EK and I found on our back porch this morning...

I kept noticing that a bird would fly out from under our porch every time EK or I came in or out our back door. Then I realized the bird was flying out of the fake ficus tree I moved to the porch when the floors were being done. This ficus is really old and I decided not to bring it back in. I was planning to put it in a garage sale later this summer.

Last week during a sudden rain I shoved the tree to the back of the porch to make room for other things that were out in the yard that didn't need to get wet. Today I started to put all that stuff away and move the tree when I glanced up and saw this...

I guess I won't clean off the porch today after all?! That fake ficus must not look as fake and faded as I thought... it fooled the bird!

I went in and took these pictures out the window the tree is closest to. Does anyone know what type of bird this is? She has really pretty blue ring around her eye and her eggs have a pinkish tint. A dove maybe?

So I guess we are keeping the ficus on the porch a while longer! I'm just hoping this mama won't get too spooked by us... or that the wind won't blow her tree over... or a soccer ball or Nerf dart won't stray too close... Anyone know how long it takes for baby birds to hatch, grow and leave the nest? I hope we don't disturb them too much. I have a soft spot for Mama's and babies so I am so excited about our new little family!

P.S. Three posts and a new blog skin in just 24 hours...
WOW! Go me!*
Happy Monday!

*As in "Stop blogging and GO clean up the house!!!"

Broken China

Have you watched the news out of China?

I can't even find words to describe it. Stories like this one just make me heart sick. The stories that get to me the most are always the ones about kids who have been killed, children who are hurting, children who have been orphaned, or parents who have lost their precious children. (Given the governments hand determining how many children couples in China can have, {usually just one} loosing a child is even more devastating!) It tortures me to see children hurting. I can't imagine how horrible this must be for those in China who have lost so, so much!

I know there is always something very tragic happening in the world, but the earth quake in China and the twister in Myanmar seem to have taken such a huge toll on humanity. Honestly, I have not watched the coverage much. Every time I read a story or see video or pictures from these places, I come away with so many questions and so much sorrow. I feel like I can't do enough to help. I can pray for God to comfort them and help them recover as only he can, and I do. I can remember their loss and be grateful for the blessings in my life, and I do. But I feel so helpless and almost guilty for just carrying on with my happy life while there are so many suffering. Do you ever feel that way? I wonder what God wants my response to these type situations to be? What does he want me to do when things like this happen?

I also struggle with when, how and how much of these stories to share with my kids. I have handled it different ways in the past. This time we have been so busy that I just haven't brought it up, but I think I should, maybe. Should I purposefully expose my kids to things like this when I'm not even sure how to respond? Like me, my kids can also be sad for these strangers around the world. They can pray for those hurt by these natural disasters and remember this terrible loss with a renewed gratitude for their blessings. But is that enough? Can we do enough to make a difference?

I want my kids to have a heart for others. I want them to know how to react to tragedy. I want them to realize not everyone on this Earth lives like we do and that many were just born into a much harder, more painful life. I want them to know that from those to which much is given, much should be given back. But I also want them to be happy people who don't let the tragedies of this world rob them of their joy. I usually think Rob and I are good examples, but when things like this happen I'm not sure we do all God has purposed us to do.

If you don't mind sharing a sentence or two, I'm curious how you handle these type tragedies personally and with your kids? (I'm really just talking about Kolby and Rhett here. EK is way too young.) What have you said about what happened in Myanmar and then in China this month? Do you talk about it? Do you watch it on TV or let your kids watch it? Does your family have an unofficial but still sort of set way/pattern of how to deal with or talk about world tragedies?

Thanks for reading today. May God bless you in whatever life deals you this beautiful Spring day! :)

(Some pictures from our back yard this morning. It's a beautiful day!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My mama don't dance...

AND MY DADDY CAN'T PLAY TUG-O-WAR! But despite our latest limitations our kids do it all!

It's been a busy fun weekend. So much to write about! Instead of boring you with a novella, I'll just let these pictures and captions speak for themselves.

Rhett's Field Day was Friday. Gotta love Kindergarten Field day! (Rhett was being a bit camera shy so his buddy helped us out! :)

The highlight for Rhett was the tug-of-war tourney between the 5 Kindy classes.

That may be because his class was undefeated,until they had to tug-o-war against the teachers and parents. Even then for a moment they gained some ground, as shown in this picture. The adults win did nothing to dampen the spirits of our little Tug-of-war Champs. They were so excited!

I LOVE Kindergarten! I can not believe Rhett just has 9 more days! Where did the year go?

Miss Kolby had her big dance recital this weekend! She did so well. We are very proud of our little ballerina!

This was the jazz number. Their song was "Welcome to the jungle!" Look at these wild cats with their claws out!

Her tap song was "The Heart of Rock and Roll" (The recital was Rock and Roll themed) Susan do you recognize that pony tail?

Here are some of Kolby's adoring fans (minus me.) I was too busy taking pictures, helping with costume changes, doing hair, and taking turns with Ella Kate to spend much time in the audience! (Notice that for the first time in forever Sari is home! Yeah! After being gone for 6 weeks, she flew in from NYC just hours before the recital and still stayed till the very end! We are all so happy to have Sari home!)

EK didn't like sitting in the audience. She preferred to talk really loud, run the halls or hang out back stage with all the girls.

Grandma came in for the recital and to help us celebrate Rob's birthday! We also celebrated a late "Mother's Day" with her.

Happy Birthday ROB!!!!

As Rhett said at lunch today..."Wow! A two dessert day?!!"
It was a busy fun weekend!
I'm off to take a nap!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sparks of insanity..

This weekend was a little different for me. On Friday morning Ella Kate and I went to the park with Kolby's class. They were having a park and skate day. Later they went skating and Rob was able to go to that.

Friday night we did something different. Rob is a fan of Jeff Dunham and has followed his career since college. When Rob heard Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity Show was going to be in town, he hinted that tickets would be a great early birthday present. Robby and Maria were game, so we got tickets about a month ago. Friday night we got a sitter, went to dinner and made a night of it!

The show was....well, different from any I have been to live. I laughed very hard, even though I felt guilty for laughing! JD's puppets are the most politically incorrect characters you can imagine... but somehow that was just funny! I was going to post a video from YouTube, but I try to keep this blog rated G, or at least PG. So if you want a guilty laugh or two follow these links. That last link is to Walter. I swear I know the real life version of this puppet! I was shocked by the number of kids who were there. This is not a family show by any means. Dunham's opening act was Brian Haner aka "Guitar Guy" He was funny, but man can that guy play the guitar! Mid way through his act I leaned over to Rob and said "He makes me wish we had Guitar Hero" which is the PlayStation Game our kids have been talking about non-stop since the neighbors got it.

So guess what I got for Mother's Day?

But, before you guess, I should explain that I told Rob that he and the kids didn't need to get me anything for Mothers Day this year. Since Rob finished painting our bathroom for me Saturday(Yeah, that project has been going since November!) and was cooking lunch for me and my Mom Sunday, and since the kids had all made presents for me at school, I felt that was all the Mother's Day I needed. Besides, I have been spending a lot of money lately trying to get the house back together. (I am about to order a rug for the living room, I bought a new cabinet, and I am still contemplating new drapes, paint and eventually a new couch.) Besides that EK almost shoplifted a purse which I ended up buying for myself just a few days ago. (That story could be a whole post by itself, but I'm not ready to relive the whole incident just yet!)

So Saturday night Rob, Kolby and Rhett walked in from the store with huge grins on their faces. Rhett couldn't wait to show me the gift they got "the family" for Mothers Day.... Yep. Guitar Hero III ! Not exactly what I expected. Not even sure I want Rhett and Kolby playing it, but they are the only ones in the house who know how! Different kind of Mothers Day present to be sure!

After the Guitar Hero surprise Saturday night, Rob and I were glued to the set to watch the 48 Hours show on Kari Baker's case. (You can watch the entire episode here.)I thought they did a good job. I know I am biased but I tried to watch the show pretending I didn't know a thing about it. I think if I had never met Kari or followed this case from the beginning, I would have still thought Matt Baker is guilty. It's so wrong for him to be able to enjoy the life he took from Kari. I don't like feeling this way. It's a different I don't like. I pray for justice for this family.

Another not so different (for us lately anyway) thing happened this weekend... Miss EK has been running fever since Friday night! Saturday night she was up from 1am to 6am and therefore so was I. Needless to say EK and I missed church on Sunday. I don't know if I have ever missed church on Mother's day since becoming a mother. It was strange. But I had to sleep and EK and I both slept until after 11Am. That is very different for me! Hopefully EK's fever will be gone when she wakes up today and we can chalk it up to some random virus.

It's another busy, busy week in our house with field trips, field day, Teacher Appreciation Week, PTA meetings, Rob's big audit at work, Kolby's dance recital, birthday parties, Rob's birthday, Grandma coming for a visit... WOW! Guess I better get to it!

Happy crazy May Monday bloggies!

Friday, May 09, 2008

I don't do bumper stickers

I don't like them.
Though given the opportunity MANY times, I don't have any of those white silhouetted sports player or dancer stickers on the back of my car with my child's name below them. Driving around town I think I'm in the minority of parents on that count.

I don't put political, satirical or educational stickers on my bumper. I don't want you to honk for something, vote for someone or shop somewhere because you read it on my bumper. (As if you would!) I choose not to tell any Tom, Dick or Mary who happens to find their car behind mine how I feel about God, life or the world in general with a catchy phrase, logo or pun.

Having represented a German auto maker for several years, I do not think that the bumper of an automobile is the proper place to play comedian, brag, advertise, chide, or preach. It's a bumper. A buffer. It has a purpose and it's not to be a small roving bill board.

But there is an exception to every rule. Even this one.

A few weeks ago I put this bumper sticker on my car.

I admit at first I was not comfortable in doing so because... I just don't do bumper stickers! But when challenged by the question of some anonymous comment thug on my friends blog as to what good these little bumper stickers could do, I had to answer. It surprised even me at first. I'm usually not one to get fired up and take on the anons. and unknowns of the world. But some things are worth fighting for.
This is one of those things.

I have blogged about Kari Baker's death before. (see those posts here, here, here, here and here) You might remember it. I hate (and I don't use that word often) this whole case. It's not something I enjoy thinking about. Honestly, it's not something I even planned to blog about tonight. I almost feel like I should apologize for writing such a heavy post on my usually light hearted blog. Almost... But not quite. This murder case has been weighing heavily on my heart for a while now. It is one of those ugly things that has to be taken on just because it is the right thing to do. And there are children at stake. No matter how uncomfortable it makes me, I feel this case has to be talked about. This weekend it will be talked about.

This Saturday night's episode of CBS's 48 Hours will be dedicated to the mystery surrounding the death of Kari Baker. Many are hoping this national in-depth story will help motivate the local DA to do what has to be done to take the criminal case against Matt Baker before a grand jury and eventually to trial. (The civil trial for the wrongful death lawsuit filed against Mr. Baker by Kari's family will be heard this summer, regardless of what happens in the criminal case.)

I have never personally known any family featured on one of these national "murder/who done it?" news shows before this. I never realized how hard it is for these friends and families to trust their memories, beliefs and feelings to total strangers, not knowing how their words will be edited or what direction the show will take.... Especially when the families (like Kari's) have so much at stake! It is terrifying for them.

However, Kari's family is very strong. I have really come to appreciate and respect Kari's mother through this. She has been so gracious, yet so tenacious during this most painful time in her life. The whole family has lost and sacrificed so much! I can not imagine how hard it is for them to continue this fight. But what choice do they have? Kari is their daughter/sister/cousin/niece. Not even death changes their love for and commitment to her.

they have two granddaughters being raised by the man who they believe killed their daughter! A man who at least 9 women have charged with inappropriate sexual behavior or assault. AT LEAST NINE WOMEN! (Actually I think it is 11 women, but I can't remember who those last two are just now.) A former preacher, this man has shown himself to be a liar by contradicting his own statements over and over. Read all the interviews and statements he has made since the beginning and you will see it for yourself. He is a sick man.

I guess it is obvious, but I need to say it.
I truly believe Kari Baker was killed by her husband.
But, I didn't want to believe it. Who would? I tried to believe Matt Baker and go along with the whole suicide thing. But I could never get the woman I had seen with my own eyes to match up with the woman he said killed herself. And no, I didn't know her that well. But I saw her quite often, knew people who knew her, and (this is probably the most motivating factor for me) I had talked to her one on one a time or two about her girls and the death of her second daughter. Our conversations were brief, but I came away knowing that this woman loved her girls. All three of them.

Immediately after Kari died there were so many things that did not make sense to me. I outlined many of those things in that comment I mentioned before. But there are additional things. Things I did not understand then and don't understand now. For instance... Kari told her friends that she thought her husband was having an affair and that he might want to hurt her. Why would she just days later type (and not sign) a suicide note saying how much she loved that same husband and what a great husband and father he was? Would any woman you know do that?

And why would she trust this man (who she thought was unfaithful and wanted to hurt her) to raise her girls? If Kari thought Matt was having an affair, the last thing I see her doing is giving up, taking her life and leaving her girls with him. That does not in any way fit the character of this woman. She was feisty. She was a fighter. She was not afraid to question and challenge. Suicide is cowardly. I never saw Kari Baker as a coward. It just does not fit.

But for me it all comes back to those girls. Kari loved her girls. Having known how much it hurt to tragically and abruptly loose her sweet baby girl Kassidy, Kari would never have killed herself and inflicted that same type of pain on her girls. Never. No mother would, especially not one who loved her children as I know Kari loved hers.

I could go on.
There is much more to say.
My hope and prayer is that one day all the things that need to be said about Kari's death will be said and all the unanswered questions will be will be answered in a court of law. Some day very soon two little girls will learn the truth about their mother...and sadly about their father. And the truth will somehow set them free.
I have to believe it will be so.

Any of you who feel so moved, I ask you to please pray for this family, these girls and this entire sad situation. Keep praying for justice.
Justice for Kari.

P.S. If you see me around town and want a JFK bumper sticker for your own bumper, just ask. I have extras!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Little Miss

Or should I say Little Mess...

Just as I snapped these pictures, the phone rang and I sprinted off to try to find it. (Why are they never on the chargers?!) This is what I found when I came back a minute or two later...

And of course this is what we did next!

A day in the life.

Monday, May 05, 2008

22 months..

Today marks the 22nd month since our family welcomed the blessing of our little Ella Kate into the world. 22 months! (Of course EK thinks she is way older than 22 months. She thinks she is somewhere between 6 and 10, the respective ages of her "Bubba" and "Sissy.") I wish I could eloquently and briefly type just the right words to describe EK and how she completes our family. But brief and eloquent usually give way to sappy and long-winded when I talk about things I love! This post is no exception...

First the milestones.
I write these down because I know I won't remember them in three months, let alone 30 years. And these are times I want to remember. Right now Ella Kate is so funny. She is a handful, and makes messes faster than I can clean them up, but she makes me laugh out loud regularly and it's hard to be upset with her. She has really started talking more in English instead of pure EllaKateish. Here are some of her favorites:
These phrases are usually slurred together to sound like one long word.
I-ont-some or ont-some /I want some
ha-a-bite. /Have a bite
shuz-on /Shoes on (also sounds like Sha-zam! at times)
cooz-on/ Clothes on
go owe-si/ go outside
bir-owe-si/ birds out side
taa tu peez/ thank you please (always together)
i saw-wee/ I'm sorry
go bye-bye
go sigh (go outside or slide...sometimes both)
eh mam (yes mam)
no bed
Here she is!
Here ya go!
There it/he iz!
Where iz he?
O-tay mama!
Some words:
raw-raw (rock-rock)
bat (bath)
jewz (Juice)
dink (drink)
ni-ni (nite nite)
beebee (baby)
EEE (her blanket) or
EEEEE (eat)
sissy-ol (cereal)
mulk (milk)
jump (trampoline)
sly (slide)
Mama ( sometimes me, sometimes my Mom)
dada or lately "dadeeee"
Kolby is always "sissy" or "sisseeeeey" if she is mad at here or wants something.
Sa-wee (Sari)
Sue-Sue (my aunt T-Sue)
nana (banana and/ her cousin Suzannah)
marnee (barney)
be bop (baby Bop)
momo (elmo)
"Hi" with a proper Texas twang. So cute! She'll come in a room and say this randomly several times a day.
cew-kie (cookie monster or any cookie)
eee (zoe)
keem (ice cream)
booble (diaper~ no idea why)
potty (love to sit on it but that's about it. Usually says it when her bunky hurts from a diaper rash)
awt (hot)
No (clear as a bell btw)
And two weeks ago she came home from MDO saying "Mine!" It would have happened sooner or later.
ke-kat and Mow (like wow with a M) /kitty cat & meow
oggy wuu- wuu / doggy rough rough

There are more but can't think of them just now.
It seems like Ella Kate understands just about everything we say. I can ask her to put sissy's shoes in her room, and she does. She also can find anything in our house or my Mom's house. She likes to know where things go.
Ella Kate can put most of her shoes and socks on. Sometimes on the right feet even! She can put her shorts and PJ bottoms on. EllaKate loves to brush her teeth. She knows many body parts by name but gets mad when her sibs ask her hard ones like thigh or shin.
Ella Kate loves to write. She will "wite" on anything that is out if she finds a pen, pencil or crayons. The walls, floors and her body included.
She loves necklaces and bracelets. She has always been obsessed with lipstick, but now is equally thrilled with powder. She also likes lotion and creme. The other day I caught her with my secret. The lid was on but she was trying to rub it under her arms!
She also likes to pretend cook.
Ella Kate would love to be outside all day long. She loves to eat at her little picnic table. She loves the Fort , the swings and the slide. She can climb up into the trampoline enclosure and get down all her own and squeals like a stuck pig if you try to help her. She hasn't learned the phrase "by myself" but as soon as she does, we will here 200 times a day. She is very independent. Ella Kate also loves the sandbox but I keep it closed a lot. She loves to climb and does so way more than I like. She has very little fear. Ella Kate loves to play with Rhett's basket balls and soccer balls. She also loves Rhett Nerf guns, though she hasn't figured out how to work them. She loves the top bunk in Rhett's room so the ladder is kept up on the top bed and away from her most of the time. Ella Kate loves Kolby's room the most though. She loves to get out her shoes and her Barbies. She also loves to pull out all the colors and pens in Kolby's desk and "wite." She loves to play on the electric piano and pretends to sing with her I-dog. Before Ek gets out of bed every morning during the week I lock and close Kolby and Rhett's doors as well as the front and back doors and the door to the garage. EK figured out those child proof handle things months ago. In fact there is no baby proof item that is Ella Kate proof. She outwits them all!
EK has also learned how to escape from her car seat, which has made for some pretty scary times when I am driving alone with her. We are looking for a new escape proof seat.
EK found her bossy side in the last few months. She tells Kolby and Rhett "NO!" a lot. She also tells them to "sit" and to "shh." The apple never falls...
As independent as EK is, she can also be very affectionate. She loves to give her Daddy and Bubba kisses. She gives big hugs when saying bye bye. She loves her family. She runs as fast as her little feet will carry her (which is unbelievably fast!) to give whoever comes home a hug...even if they have just been gone 20 minutes. She also is big on saying "Bye, bye" to everyone leaving or not coming with her. She is very social. She loves to look at the slide show that is my screen saver and yell out the names of the people as they pop up. She like going to school and to class at church. She is also is starting to sing lots of little church songs. I can't always get all the words but the tune gives it away. LOVE THIS!

OK this is so long! and I know I have left out a lot. But I guess if you have read this much you can tell I am totally enamoured with this little girl. She tickles my soul. Even though I am not as good as I wish about getting her picture taken or recording all her little milestones, I could not love her anymore! I feel so blessed to be Ella Kate's mommy and am having a great time watching her grow and discover new things about her world every day!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not exactly absent

Officially he was absent. But because he felt up to it, Rob went ahead and took Rhett to the Zoo with his class for 2 hours and then brought him home. After he rested, Ella Kate and I took him to the park where he re-joined his class for another hour. Rhett wanted to ride the bus back to school with the others, but I decided he had had enough for one day and we went home. Good thing. The minute the Motrin wore off his fever was back and he felt terrible. Rhett is home again today. After a long night of having fever and then having it break he is feeling better. If his throat would just stop hurting he would be good to go. He has been on Motrin and antibiotics (shhh... don't tell!) since Tuesday so I'm hoping we are close to the end of this.

I felt a little guilty letting him go yesterday, even for a just few hours. His teacher, who is my good friend, said she would have done the same thing so I don't feel too guilty. At least, given the circumstances, Rhett was able to have as much fun as possible and didn't miss his self proclaimed "best day of Kindergarten."

Dad forgot to take the camera to the zoo but here are pictures from the rest of the day.
Dad and Rhett after the zoo.

Waiting for the jumpy.

Letting little sister play.

We love Mrs H!

When Rob went back to work I had no choice but to take EK with me yesterday. She had a blast. I tried to keep her with me but she broke away a few times and loved running with the big kids. Someone needs to tell her she isn't even 2 years old yet because she thinks she is 6!
I'm big enough to hang with my big brother!

EK loves this slide!

BTW Ella Kate is feeling much better. She almost slept through the night last night and has not had fever for 24 hours. The few remaining ulcers are still hurting but I think she is definitely getting back to her sweet self. (It's about time!:)

Someone is missing from these pictures... It's Kolby! She has been taking TAKS test for most of the week. To avoid catching a virus, she has also spent the last few nights at Mama K's. Kolby is very happy to finally have all three 4th grade TAKS test behind her! She thinks she did OK. I 'm sure she did but praying she is right just the same! This has been a weird year for Kolby. Even though she hasn't said it, I think she is happy to see it coming to an end. Actually, for her, I am too! We are all looking forward to a more relaxed summer schedule. I'm also praying to be blessed with a very mild summer temperature wise!

In other news... The floor guys finished the tile (again) yesterday. Even though these last two guys were the nicest, most courteous installers/workers I have ever met, it is so nice not to have workmen in my house this morning! I hope to get this place cleaned up and be able to get to the fun part of pulling my home/decor together in the next few weeks. I think a trip to Canton may be in order!

Last night I spent three hours pruning things in the backyard. No. It is not "pruning season" but it had to be done. Do to the floors, illness, and a flurry of misc. things that have needed my attention, I have yet to spend much time in the yard this spring. When I found myself alone and outside with shears in hand, I could not stop! It was very dark by the time I came in. It felt good to get out there and accomplish something. The back and front yards both need SO much attention! Our neighbors are probably ready to kick us off the street. Hopefully we can get to it before the weather gets too hot!

My plan for this weekend is to do as little as possible outside of the confines of our home and yard, while dong as much as possible within those confines! And. to. sleep. Five nights of little to no sleep have left me grumpy and on edge. Nothing like a weekend (without any games to get to! YEAH!!!!) to take that edge off!

Happy first day of MAY!