Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kolby!!!

My baby girl is 11 years old today. Wow! 11 years. She has brought so much joy to my life. I love you Kolby Sue!Here are some random shots from the last 11 years....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Very Sad News

Laura Lee Myers died at noon today. Please pray for her family.

For more on this see this article.

Please Pray For Laura Lee Myers!

Laura Lee Myers is a wife and mom to two girls who is currently in the ICU at Providence Hospital on a respirator fighting pneumonia caused by a strep bacteria. Her kidneys have also stopped functioning. She needs a miracle to live. This Mom from Teague Texas had the flu this week. She started feeling awful and experiencing great pain Saturday night. By Sunday morning (yesterday) she was in ICU on a respirator and the prognosis is not good. PLEASE, PLEASE Pray for her and her family!

Laura Lee is the wife of my cousin David's life long friend Brett Myers. David and Ashley asked me to post this on Facebook and on my blog. Your prayers are so needed and appreciated!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I miss this blog

Really I do. I keep thinking of things to post but I haven't actually sat down to type them out since Facebook came along. I'm praying for my soul to still. I have been sorta on edge since summer and I can't pinpoint why. But all really is well. Busy. Overwhelmingly busy at times, but in a good way, if there is a good way to be overwhelmingly busy! :)

I have spent a lot of time outside Spring Valley planning and working on the out door classroom lately. I would not describe myself as an outdoor person, but I do love being outside in those still moments when it's just you and the wind and the pile of dirt you're working with. It seems to center me. I can see why Jesus went to the Garden in Gethsemene. It is easier for me to feel God when I am out in nature.

Sadly the sidelines of a soccer game or the front pick-up line at school don't give me that same feel. Those are my only regular outside times these days. I am ready for Spring. Not Summer. Just Spring. To bad you can't get one without eventually getting the other! :)

I also miss recording more day to day things about my kids on this blog. When I look back over the last 5 years of blogging (5 Years! Can you believe that?) those are the post I most enjoy. So I hope to do better at that someday soon.

I'm a bit curious though... If you blog, what are your favorite things you have blogged about over the years. If you don't blog, what are some of you favorite things that you have read and remembered on blogs? Just wondering....