Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Electoral College Question for those that like to talk about this stuff.

I have not blogged in forever, but this morning as I looked at the election results, an idea or maybe a question of an idea struck me.  I don't want to bore my Facebook friends with it as we are all inundated and tired of long Facebook post about the election.  But I would like an honest discussion and if I don't get these things down when I think of them well, ... let's just say I wanted to get it down.  SO after that very long preface, if you are still reading, please read on and comment. I truly want to know what you think.

I think the electoral college is brilliant in many ways. However,  I do wish it could somehow be more representative of the actual votes. Example:  I wish the electoral college could still represent the Republicans who voted in California and the Democrats who voted in Texas. Instead of all or nothing electoral votes of most states (48 0f 50) could we not go to a more representative state by state electoral vote? The magic number would still be 270, but getting there would be vastly different and more representative of voters.

Over 14 million people did not vote in this election. I am willing to bet at least half of them live in either a predominately red or blue state and felt their vote would not make a difference be it the same or different from their states predominate party. Truly, I despise the whole red state, blue state thing. I want RED, WHITE & BLUE to represent every party, not just one. We are after all the UNITED States of America not the Divided States of America. Letting states vote all red or all blue, all democrat or all republican in the electoral college divides us more than we are truly already divided. Is there a reason this would not work? Is there a feasible way to make representative electoral voting happen? Would third parties mess this up?  Please tell me what you think.