Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday...all week long

I feel it has been a "Monday" all week long...

I just got off the phone with my sister. She is stuck on a run way in New York . She has been at the airport since 7:30am, on the plane since 8:30 am. It's 11:00am there now and the Captian just told them they are #30 in line to take off. YUCK! Thing is she doesn't even know what the hold up is. It's rained a bit, but nothing too threatening. So she's stuck through no fault of her own just waiting for the chance to fly. Ever had one of those days?

I think I have had one of those weeks. Nothng horrible has happened. In fact everything is fine. But every time I try to get something done, the wheels just spin and spin but I don't seem to be making any progress. And through no fault of mine, things keep breaking. What things? Well... the garage door(the thing won't open or close even by hand and there are wires sticking out!) , the front door (won't close unless it's locked) , the attic ladder (the spring broke) , the computer monitor (died) , the car alarm on the van ( goes off if the van is locked for more than ten minutes for no reason) , Rob's cell phone screen (died) ... just random little necessary things. And I just got a notice from Pay Pal that a third party tried to access my account...I don't even think I have a pay pal account. Did I unknowingly pick up a gremlin somewhere?

I have to wonder if this has anything to do with with my resolve to try to be more thankful and more positive in all situations. Yes, I made that resolve last week. Do you think the devil heard me and is trying to test me? Thoughts to ponder.

But in keeping with my new resolve, I am going to keep on keeping on while believing that what is broken can be repaired, and eventually that big long to-do list will get done. I guess we have to enjoy the ride whether we feel we are going anywhere or not. I am thankful to have a comfy house with a garage door, a van, a cell phone and a computer monitor (even if they are temporarily broken). I keep thinking of the people hit so hard by Katrina last September.

While they are grateful to be alive, life is very different for so many Katrina survivors. Their houses aren't anywhere near being fully repaired. Their communities are still in shambles. Many are paying morgages on houses that are only half standing. Yet many I have seen on TV or have heard about from people who have been there, have not lost hope and have not let themselves give in to despair. They are taking the curve life has thrown them and making the best of it while being grateful for the life they are left with. That is the best any of us can do.

So if I have to spend three hours on the phone trying to figure out the Pay Pal mess, or if my sister has to sit on a plane on a run way going no where all day, we still have good lives. We still have lots to be grateful for. We still need to praise God for the day and the time we are given. Thanks for joining me for this rambling lesson to myself. Hope to get back into the swing of blogging again soon! :)

PS ~ You might find it hilarious that this is the message I got just now when I tried to publish.

Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail!
No lie! Even my blogger is broken... you would think today is a MONDAY or something!


Jacinda said...

Hope things get better. Just wanted to say that you should NOT respond to the PayPal email. More than likely it is a SPAM trying to get you to give them important financial information. If you really want to check, go to PayPal directly and check your account that way, but don't link through the address provided in the email.

SJ said...

Could be worse. Our master bathroom is clogged. Yes, the whole thing: toilet, tub and shower. Fun!

Susie said...

ROFLOL! Dang, girl! Did you also pray for patience? Remind me never to pray to be positive in all things. Sounds like the same thing that happens to me when I ask for patience. I don't mean to laugh at you, but WOW. That's a lot of things to practice that positive thinking on!

But big hugs to you--you seem to have kept that positive outlook going on. : )

Amy said...

That's hilarious (the blogger thing). Sounds like you have kept your sense of humor through this week of Blue Mondays!

Hope you get it all taken care of and enjoy some Saturdays now!

elizabeth said...

I wrote a long post about my little garden friend yesterday only to have blogger say "Page not found" and erase my post! Blogger must have been having a bad Monday morning!

Clarissa said...

I was afraid your water was going to be one of the broken things!! Keep on counting your blessings, girl!

That Girl said...

...and then Tuesday comes. Don't get me started!

Tracy said...

That is rough! Definitely not what you need in your life right now!