Monday, May 01, 2006

Make your Monday!

After the bad rap I gave Mondays last week, I want to start out on a more positive note this week! :)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Kolby's school. I'm the PTA Teacher Appreciation person so it is a big week in this house. But it would be a big week even if my PTA hat had some other title on it. I believe in showing teachers as often as possible how important they are in the lives of their students, in the community, and to our society as a whole. It's one of my soap boxes. I also believe strongly that one of the greatest things we can teach our children is the art of appreciation. This is another one of my soap boxes. So I guess I am a natural for my PTA job!

Anyway, this week we have an event each day to honor our teachers and staff. Today is " Monday ~ Make their day with a class bouquet!" We put mason jars decorated with a big red and white checked bow on each teachers desk last night. This morning as the kids come in they are supposed to add a flower to the jar to form a class bouquet. Kolby was really excited this morning as she headed off to school with a handful of daisies! She had a whole list of teachers she wanted to give a flower to!

Tuesday is "Treat them right!" day. We are taking a "treat cart" stuffed with cookies, candy and iced tea around the school in the afternoon and giving all the teachers and staff a nice afternoon treat.

Wednesday is "Wake them up!' day. The PTA board is giving a spring themed, come and go breakfast from 7:30 to 9 AM in the teachers lounge.

Thursday is "Thank them" day. All the kids are bringing pictures and letters they made thanking their teachers to school by Tuesday. All the room reps are binding them together in class "Thank You Books" for their teachers.

Friday is "Fiesta day!." In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we are having a fiesta lunch of Mexican stack-up donated by parents from every grade level. We are going to try to turn the lounge into a Mexican Plaza and have lots of fun with this day!

So I am going to be pretty busy this week, but I look forward to it. I'll try to blog later in the week and let you know how all these events went. Even if it's not Teacher Appreciation Week in your neck of the woods, try to let a special teacher know how important they are, or have been in your life this week. It will make both of you feel really good! :)

Happy MAY DAY!!!!


SJ said...

As usual you are so very creative. I am saving this for ideas for next year. Thanks!

Jacinda said...

Love, love, love your ideas and I totally agree with you on appreciating teachers! (Is this National Teacher Appreciation Week or just at your school?) Sounds like a fun week!

SG said...

I think National Teacher Appreciation Week is next week... But for some reason every school in our district is celebrating this week. Usually National Teacher Appreciation week is the first full week in May. Again, I guess we decided to go with the first full "school" week.

MAK said...

I think our Teacher Appreciation Week is next week. Loved the pretty picture of your daughter, my 8 year old has the same skirt (Children's Place ?) Good luck this week, sounds like you'll be extra busy. Don't forget to stop and put your feet up whenever you can (think of your poor swollen ankles!) Hope this week goes much better than last! Blessings

Susie said...

I cannot echo enough the praises for your gift of creativity. And you are so organized as well. Go you!
(and Kolby always looks so cute!)

That Girl said...

I was within two semesters of my student teaching when I changed my major to Marketing... I would've liked being a teacher at your school... I would probably be partial to M & M Monday! For every M & M you could think of a describing word for me.... magical, merry, mischievous, would eventually get to ... massive, monster, mean

jettybetty said...

Good for you--I believe teachers should be appreciated, too! I think at the end of the week the teachers at your school should feel VERY appreciated!

I agree, we need to teach our children to be appreciative--these are some great ways to help them learn appreciation.

Amy said...

Love the themes! And Kolby looks so cute with those daisies and that outfit.

You should write a book with all your creative ideas.

And thank you for encouraging teachers. That is such an important job, and one of the most challenging. I hope the week goes great!

Darren Duvall said...

Glad to see that you're using your superhero event-planning abilities (and that is NOT sarcastic, you're unreal in that regard) for the benefit of people in your life.

If you were in charge of the PTA where I lived I would consider dumping the whole medicine thing and teaching just for the Appreciation Days you put together.

*hugs SG, but gently because of the baby*