Saturday, May 27, 2006

A great season!

Last night was our last t-ball game and team pizza party at a near by park. Three players are not pictured above, but I think you can tell from this team party picture what a fun group this was! Rhett has loved his two adventures in team sports so far. Rob has really enjoyed "coaching" these teams. Kolby and I are happy to watch and socialize. I love this stage in my kid's life. Though it keeps us on the go, we all enjoy these short laid back sports seasons!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bye Bye 2nd grade, HELLO SUMMER!

Today is the last day of school for Kolby! Even though I haven't been in a school situation personally for over 12 years, I still love the last day of school! It is always such an incredibly great feeling to have another year completed and know after a great summer everything will start over new next year. This is Kolby's teacher's last year here as she is moving back home to South Carolina. We will really miss Mrs. Mosier! She was such a wonderful person and an incredible teacher. She was a pilot teacher for a new (as in not SAXON) phonics program this year. Kolby thrived with this new program.

(brag warning!) Yesterday Kolby got an AR Award. Lots of kids did, but any kind of reading award means a lot when you are dyslexic! Last year at this time we were so apprehensive about how Kolby would do this year. (OK apprehensive doesn't quite describe the terror I felt.) With lots of hard work , an intense summer camp, twice a week tutoring at Baylor, and an incredibly sweet teacher who understood her challenges, Kolby was able to make the all A or A/B honor roll all four of the 9 week grade periods! She still struggles more than we wish, but she has come so far! I am not worried about her academically anymore. Third grade and the looming TAKS test are a bit intimidating, but I feel sure she will be able to excel.

So let summer begin! Hallelujah! It's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
Today, the last day of second grade with Mrs. Mosier.

The first day of school last August.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Love one an Otter

I'm trying to do alot of "Mommy and Rhett" stuff this week so, this morning Rhett and I went to the Zoo. We have the neatest zoo here. One of Rhett's favorite areas is the otter slide. There is a clear plexiglass slide that goes through the otter pond. Rhett, as usual, had a car in his pocket. When he went down the slide he took the car out and started zooming it around the slide. He loves to do that with all slides. One otter saw him playing and started chasing the car. Rhett got off the slide and continued to zoom the car on the plexiglass pond window. The otter followed the car and Rhett everywhere! Rhett was thrilled to make a new fun friend. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen! It went on for twenty or so minutes. People were stopping and videoing Rhett and the otter. On little girl was a bit upset and said "Mom he's not sharing the otter!" to which we all laughed. Rhett walked away from the window and the otter just looked so sad. He still followed Rhett! So we hung out at the otter pond for some time entertainng Rhett, several passsersbys, and apparently the otter. When it was finally time to leave Rhett was a bit sad and wanted to ask the Zoo people if we could bring the otter a car of his own "because there aren't any toys in there for him to play with." As we left to zoo about an hour later Rhett said, " I bet that otter still misses me."

I have a feeling we will visit "the otter" many times this summer and... you can bet Rhett will always bring few cars along!

Night terror

I'm in Dr Lakey's class on the second floor of Morris and I have an exam in five minute across campus on the second story of the business building with Dr Jozell Brister. Dr Lakey will not let us go. He keeps talking and talking. He stops me as I try to leave and the rest of the class streams out the other door. He gives up and let's me go. Finally, I am out of his class and trying to navigate the extremely narrow (like 12 inch wide) staircase to get out of the buiding. With help, I finally leave D Morris. No matter how fast I walk, the business building is not getting any closer. People are trying to stop me to talk about club and senate and my ex-boyfriend. Leave me alone please! I'm going to be late! Dr Brister will not let me take my exam if I am late. I will fail the class. I am running. I run in the door to the business building and again there are very thin stairs with no bannisters and at least a hundred foot drop off on either side. I am terrified but I keep going. Finally I arrive at the door of the class only to be met by Dr Brister. I am late. I may not take the exam. I will surely fail the class if I don't go drop it this moment. I want to scream but I have no voice. She turns to leave then suddenly I find my voice and say "Dr Brister I have worked hard in this class all semester long, if I drop today I will get an WF or WP and it will still cost me and my family $800 to $900 dollars. When was the last time someone fined you $800 for being five minuted late?" She looks at me as if she is thinking about it, and I wake up sweating and so glad to know it was just another bad college dream!!!!

College nightmares! I am still haunted by them! Last night's version was strange because I only had Dr Brister for one class and it was my freshman year. It was a junior level Macroeconmics class that I should never have been in and didn't even need. Apparently my summer advisor who registered me messed up. Dr Brister had no idea I was a first semester freshman until the last week of class. She was so sweet and so troubled that I had been put in that class, but there was nothing we could do about it so late in the game. I think I made a C. Dr Brister was very nice and never had a "no exam if you are late rule," at least not that I remember. What is it about college that 16 years later it still haunts my sleep? Why do I still wake up in a sweat from dreaming I slept through a test or registered for a class and forgot to go until the last week of class?

Anyway, last nights dream was a little different from normal becase I was able to go up the stiars. Usually, I am just stuck there. AND in last nights dream I was able to speak up for myself and question my unfair predicament. Usualy I am unable to talk no matter how hard I try. So what does that mean? Any dream interpreters out there?

The Bibe talks about God speaking to people in dreams. I wonder if he still does that. I wonder if we pass off his messages to us as eating too soon before bed or indegistion? How do we know if it is God or the scarey movie we just watched before bedtime?

Well Rhett and I are off to the zoo so I have to run. Do you have any reoccuring dreams? What do you think they mean?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Endings and beginnngs

This morning I realized that these are my last few days home alone with Rhett. Friday Kolby will get out of school and then it will be the three of us until the baby comes. Rhett has another year before he starts kindergarten. He will be in pre-school three mornings a week next year and when he isn't at school, the baby will be here. So these really are the last days of just me and Rhett! I can't believe that! I regret that I didn't do more with just him this semester, but I guess that part of watching our babies grow up.

Next Monday is the beginning of our summer. T-ball is also over Friday night. We don't have anything much planned for a week or so afterwards. However, this is when the real rush to get ready for the baby begins, so I think we will be quite busy. Then ths summer's activities begin, not to mention our due date countdown. Just 8 weeks to go now!

As the big D-Date nears, the reality of three kids is becoming a bit more clear! WOW! Three kids! I am going where my mother and grandmothers never went. I have never been in a family with three kids... It's all new, slightly intimidating, and really exciting! Yeah, I get a kick out of thinking that I am going to be the mom of three. Rob and I have talked about zone defenses and being out numbered. I think this should be fun! :)

Would love to blog more but I think I need to go spend some time with my favorite little guy! Happy Monday!

Friday, May 19, 2006


park playdate
make cookies
make b-day banana pudding
end of the year
teacher gifts
i signed up to bring what?
still homework
register for summer
everything by Friday
Nursery still not started
un-painted baby bed waiting
projects on hold
all over the house
broken staple gun
make posters
dry markers
last 20 school birthdays
2 short
store again?
Rhett's last day of school
last PTA event of year
leftover Watermelon
late nights
early mornings
more trips to the store
sick dog
must clean carpets
swollen feet
where are my ankles?
Kolby's field day
Rob's birthday
2 day visit ?
T-ball game
getting hot now
humidity on the rise
BRAXTON HICKS every time I stand
Summer just a week away
Kolby still not moved
three closets to go

Feet up


blog later

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Rob!

Last year I wrote this about my favorite guy on his birthday. Last year we were celebrating the premeire of Star Wars Episode 3 and having a great time. No big plans this year, though we did call in a sub for the 4 year old class at church tonight. I think we are going to just have a quiet night out and come home for birthday banana pudding.

Last night we went to see Rob's last softball game of the season. (Which is misleading because I am sure a new season will start next week.) Anyway, it was a cool night and a early game and we all had fun watching Daddy! He hit one in-field home run, a few rbi's and later on his last at bat he hit an over-the-fence home run that helped his team win the game 14 to 12. I think they came in at first place for the season. Pretty impressive for a thirty something year old guy! I met Rob on the softball feilds almost eleven years ago. I don't think he has missed too many spring or summer seasons since then and he still seems to play better and better each year. Just goes to show, you can take the boy out of the game, but you can't take the game out of the boy!

Ten years ago today Rob was turning 25. We were engaged and planning our August wedding. I threw a big surprise party for him at a favorite Mexican resteraunt in San Angelo. My parents gave him a gas grill which we still use. Most of our grooms men and lots of friends were there. We ate, danced and talked 'till the wee hours of the morning. It was such a fun night. I wonder if we had had a glimpse ten years into our future if we would have cut and run! Seriously! Five moves, eight jobs, two kids and one on the way, living across the street from my parents in Waco of all places, driving old cars, PTA, paper routes, trying to make ends meet, trying not to miss out on one minute of our kids childhood, t-ball games, basketball games, tutors, dentitst appointments, millions of loads of laundry, Saturday to-do list that leave us exhausted, family moments we wish we could freeze and keep forever.... So much good and bad (though I think more good) It might have been too much for those fun loving 25 year olds to handle! Maybe it's good that God lets us have our days one at a time!

HOWEVER I am so proud of Rob and wouldn't want to do this thing called life with anyone else! I have said it before, Rob is a rock. He is seldom down and believes everything will work out eventually. He works so hard. He knows when to take a break. He is steady as the day is long! He doesn't take himself or much of anything too seriously. He makes me laugh, even when I do not want to. He is a great dad. A great friend. A great husband. A great Christian. I am very blessed to be his wife. I love you honey! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Before you think I am some TV crazed nut, let me state that this is the only show I ever watch. We do not watch TV at night in our house unless there is a game on. Sunday nights I watch GA, and if we are home, Extreme Home Makeover. I haven't watched Desperate Housewives in so long that I have no idea what the previews are talking about. I'm not a TV junkie, this is just my show. I don't have much time today but here are my first reactions to the two hour season finally.

Thank you President Bush for not talking about immigration during the two hour finale. I was going to have to be upset with George! Luckily he decided to talk during the re-brodcast of Sunday's show. Not that immigration isn't important, but really there are 24 hours in a day...I'm glad he didn't pick the two hours I wanted to watch TV last night.

The Show~
Izzie has lost it! I'm sorry but you don't stop the heart of someone you love. She caused so many problems with her attempt to save Denny. I don't think anyone would throw their career away for a impulsive dangerous plan like that. Having said that, yes I cried at the end and found myself really sad about Denny. I don't want Izzie to leave the show either. She maybe psycho but I have always liked Izzie! She and Burke would have made a better couple..two nice people.

Christine~ Well I never thought she deserved Burke and now I am sure of it! Can she redeem herself? Not sure! Good to see her be bit more human. I can't decide if I think she is pretty or really not. She has a really good sad face and does anger and sarcasm well.

Burke~ So glad he is alive and I really hope his hand is not damaged for life. He really is one of the good guys. Why do they always hurt the good guys?

George ~ One of the only ones I was not disappointed in last night. He needed to apologize to Mere and not get Callie's hopes up. He did what he should have done. You gotta love George.

Alex ~ What a jerk! But he did have some really redeeming qualities in the end I guess. It made me tear up when he was so sweet to Izzie.

Bailey ~ I love Dr. Bailey. She, George, Burke and the Cheifs wife are my favorite people on the show. She is the best!

The Sheppards. ~Addison needs to go back to McSteamy in New York because, try as he might, her husband does not love her. And I am not sure he really has tried. I however really do like Addison and I hope she and Fin get together if Mc Steamy doesn't work out. I think I like her better than Mereidtih in some ways and think Derick is making a mistake.
~ Derick ~ He has issues. What in the world? He left Mere to make a go of his marriage. He should never have followed her out. Leave her alone if you are going to leave her. Leave your wife if you can't get over Mere. End all these games. I never got the whole "friends sharing a dog" thing. I kept having Can't Buy Me Love Flashbaacks last night and wanted to tell Ronald to go get bacl on his lawnmower and ride away. I even yelled "NO! Don't do it! " when they got together in the exam room. Thought he was pretty spineless to walk out like nothing happened. He needs to make a choice and stick with it.

Mereidith~ It's hard to feel sorry for a girl who sleeps around so much. I think she was trying to do better and be better but, she should have run away when Derick followed her out. Poor Vet...he had plans! I hope she is honest and lets the Vet know she still loves Derick so we don't go through another season of them playing cat and mouse... and occasionaly other things. AND When did she figure out what happened with her Mom and the Cheif? Thought more would be made of that! She sure did turn the tables on the old guy, didn't she! She is a bit looney but I guess considering what she has been through, she has a right to be looney, just not slutty. Show some selfrestraint/self respect Mereidith!

Despite what all I just said, I am still as hooked as ever and can't wait for next season. I know the show is a bit catty and "who sleeps with who-ish" but there are some really good stories too. It is a night soap to be sure, but for some reason it is easy to identify with all of them and is far from predictable for me. Yes, I am a GA addict! So what did you guys think?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Big Weekend, Big Blessings

We had a big weekend again this week but for all the right reasons this time!

The weekend started out with two very big prayers being answered. First my uncle had been told last week that some spots removed from his bladder looked cancerous. Though the prognosis was good even if they were cancerous, we were all thrilled to hear the great news last Thursday that it was all benign! My uncle is an incredible man and I can't tell you how happy we all are that he is OK!

Next Rob got a call from his sister saying she is expecting in December!!! We are all so happy! My sister-in-law has being trying to have a second baby for over three years. After all sorts of treatments and a miscarriage, we are so grateful that she is pregnant and all the test and sonogram look great! Her son is just two months younger than Rhett and this one will be just five months younger than our baby girl! Cousins are so fun!

After good news like that, the rest of the weekend had to go well...and it did. Rhett had a t-ball game Friday night. He played the team of his favorite "dude" Michael from school. Michael and Rhett just love each other. Rhett even said he wanted Michael's team to win because when they played each other last fall in soccer, Michael's team lost. Since we don't keep score in t-ball and everyone gets to score, we were all winners. It was a really fun game.

Saturday Kolby, my Mom and I got up bright and early and headed for Dallas. We were on a mission to get bumper pads for the new nursery and do some baby shopping. After calling all over the state, we found out the only store that had the bedding we wanted was the Pottery Barn Kids in Frisco, Texas. So we made a day of it! Our first stop was IKEA in Frisco. I love IKEA! The store amazes me. We picked up two rugs, some trays, some decorative things for Kolby's room and had a great time just looking at all the stuff! We even had a little snack in their super cool resteraunt. I'm sure we looked like country folks in the big city just gwaking at all there was to see.

We then headed to Stonebriar to Pottery Barn Kids for the bumper pads. I have a bit of a confession. My mom is much more into the decoration of this nursery than I am. I want it to be cute and flowery but I'm not too picky about actual pattern. Mom bought some bumper pads in Austin that I really liked. She however didn't like how they looked in the room with the current paint color and wanted something more pastel and delicate. So we took those back and got something she likes better. I like them both, but I guess this pattern is sweeter and more girly.

Rob laughs at us because he thinks a flowery print is a flowery print and anything would work. He has come so far though in our almost ten years of marriage and totally accepts that I, like my mother before me, have to have things a certain way when it comes to decorating the house. No white walls, no un-matching anything, no hodge-podge just use it because you have it works decor etc. As a military kid who lived in base housing most of his growing up years, that has been hard for him to get used to. But I stray...

For an early Mothers Day present, Kolby and I took Mom to the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch/early dinner! We all love the Cheesecake Factory! We had a great lunch topped off with a piece of Adams Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple Cheesecake, which is to die for! We then rolled ourselves around the corner to the famous Sam Moons! Kolby was heart broken that we wouldn't let her get a diamond-eek tiara for $15.00. She has at least three Disney type tiaras for dress-up, but she wanted this one because it looked so real. She tried to sell us on the deal by saying she could wear it to church every Sunday! As amusing as that thought was, we told her she would have to wait. She was a bit pouty but resolved to return when she is a "teenager" to get a crown and sceptor for her first "prom". I can't wait to remind her of that in eight or so years!

We should have called it a day then, but no, we had to squeeze in a few more stores. Our last stop was a Babies-R-Us. If I thought the baby section of Toys-R-Us was overwhelming, I should have known what Babies-R-Us would do to me! But, I am getting better about all that. With Mom by my side, we were able to make a more practical list of things we need. I am old enough and experienced enough to know that we don't have to have everything to be good a wipe warmer and a diaper stacker that matches the bedding. But there are some things, like a waterproof crib mattress cover NOT made of plasticand a changing table pad, that we will need. We actually didn't buy a thing. We just made a list and plan to return before the baby comes. We got home around 9:30PM and were all a bit pooped!

Sunday we had a great Mothers Day! Despite a huge thunderstorm that dropped three inches of rain in our back yard in a matter of three hours and caused a few flash floods in the area, our day was great. We went to church and then Rob headed out to my aunt and uncles to help all the guys grill a big lunch/dinner for all the Moms in the family. They grilled rib-eyes, shrimp and Terriaki chicken. It was al so good! I love this tradition that my Uncle started! We had a great family day complete with the viewing of a Star Wars movie, a kid style show and lots and lots of visiting. We pulled in the drive-way about 8:45 last night. I had just enough time to get unloaded, put the kids in the bath tub, make them a little supper and catch Grey's Anatomy.

OH MY GOODNESS! GA freaked me out last night! I am so excited to see the season finale tonight! I am planning to stay home and just soak it in.

Well, I guess that is about it! Rhett and I hope to go eat lunch with Kolby today so I better get going. Hope you had a great Mother' s Day Weekend! Tune in tomorrow for and all GA discussion blog! :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Ever since the day I said I was melting...Our weather has been great! Cool and in the 70's! I love this weather and wish it would last until July!

Monday I took the kids to Toys-R-Us. It was a bicycle "survey" trip as both kids knees are hitting their chest now as they pedal their current bikes. We somehow ended up on the baby aisle. You would think I would have enjoyed that aisle being 30+ weeks prego and all, but instead this nagging anxious sensation took root and it is growing by the day. The baby section did me in!

There is so much stuff for babies! Have you ventured down the baby aisle lately? While I know that not all of it is necessary, still it is a bit daunting. I kept looking at things wondering if I had thrown my old one away, mentally making a list of who I could borrow this and that from and started the "things we will have to get" list n my head. OH MY!

I feel very unprepared for this baby. In fact I feel less prepared for this one than I did the first two. With Kolby I had her room almost done and the Q-tips and wipes in place on the changing table by now. Rob and I were taking a baby class and I was reading every baby book I could get my hands on. With Rhett I had a three year old. I didn't read too much but the nursery was ready and waiting. All my friends had little babies so we talked "baby" all the time. Fast forward four, almost five years.

There hasn't been a diaper or a bottle in this house since Rhett was two. Diaper Bag... I think I stopped carrying one of those when Rhett was 18 moths old and went for the monogramed sports themed "church bag" instead. Stroller ..two garage sales ago. Car Seats.. Besides the booster Rhett is in now, they have all surpassed their 5 year limit and are gone. High Chair...I have a great one! Rhett ripped the pad in it to shreds so I am trying to find another one that will fit. Still have a pack-n-play. Not sure about the swing. Have a bouncy loaned out to someone, or did I give it away? The cover to the exersaucer molded in the attic. Lets not even talk about the pump.

And it isn't just the stuff. I sat by my friend E at a PTA luncheon yesterday with her two month old little Ethan. He weighs 12 pounds, so he isn't tiny, but he sure seemed it! And there was so much stuff that went with him! A big old bag, an infant seat, and an upside down highchair thing. He was really good, but E still had to leave with him a few times to feed and change him etc. Friends kept saying..."Are you ready for that?" I laughed, but honestly, I don't feel ready at all!

Don't misunderstand...I am so grateful to be having this baby! She already has, is, and will be a huge blessing in our lives and I am very grateful for her! It's just that having a baby when you have an active 8.5 year old and almost 5 year old is quite different from having the first, or even the second with a toddler around. It's hard to get back to that baby mindset. AND you know how ADD I am, so having to have an elementary school, preschool and baby mindset all at the same time seems a bit... Overwhelming!

I guess I thought by the third, this baby thing would be old hat. But really is having a baby ever old hat? I wonder if people who have 5 or 6 or even more still feel the same way? I wonder if they question their abilities to be a baby Mom and a big kid Mom at the same time. Do they wonder if the poor little baby will spend her little infant-hood in a carseat on the way to T-ball practice and carpool? Do they worry that they will forget something important and miss out on some big developmental stage? Do they fear their baby will never go to MOPS or playgroup because her mom is a decade older than the other Moms? Do they have nightmares that they will leave the baby at home on accident or forget the stroller at the mall? Not to say that I worry about any of those things...

But I have to add, as overwhelming as the baby section sometimes is for me, it is fascinating for Kolby! She wants to know what everything is for and exactly what every little do-a-hickey does. She would have bought the baby aisle out the other day if I had let her. She also loves to look at diapers and baby food at the grocery store and is DIEING to start buying some. The other day she disappeared in Children's Place for a few minutes and came back with no less than 6 outfits for her little sister! If I have forgotten something about babies or lost my baby shopping zeal/smarts...Kolby might just make up for it!

Even Rhett is into the baby stuff. Although he mostly just liked popping wheelies with the display stroller someone had left in the aisles the other day, he too finds stuff he wants to buy his sister where ever we go. He says he will give the baby a bottle and play with her, but is quick to add that he will not change any diapers! :) So I guess what this baby lacks in a prepared and mentally ready Mommy, she more than makes up for in a very excited and willing older sister and brother! And Rob..he's a rock! Ready for anything. Always confident that it will all work out and be just fine. Can't imagine doing this parent thing with anyone else! :)

So even though I feel a bit overwhelmed right now, deep down I know this family and this baby are very blessed to have each other. I'm sure once she is here I will not be able to remember what life was like before her! I guess it's just all part of the ongoing Mommy journey. The road may be bumpy and steep at times but there is no other road I would rather be traveling!

Excuse the mommy ramblings today! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The temperature here is currently 92 degrees. The humidity is 65%. That means it feels like it is 106 degrees outside! It's only May and already, I'm melting!!!!! Thank goodness it was not this hot or humid this weekend when the power was out. I think I will go stick my feet in a bucket of ice....

Monday, May 08, 2006

What a weekend!

Too tired to spell check so you will have to bear with me!
I am a bit overwhelmed as I try to sum up the weekend. Seems like it was a week long. I guess most of you know by now that our town was hit by a tornado. The second tornado in 7 days actually. The first tornado was an F1 that hit on the outskirts of the other side of town. I didn't even know about it for two days. The second was an F2 that I knew about as it happened!

Going back to last Friday night, Rob dropped Kolby off at a slumber party, dropped Rhett off at my parents for the night and picked me up to go to a Cinco de Mayo party at my cousins. We had a nice relaxing evening and sat on my cousins back patio enjoying the cool breeze and watching lightening roll back to the west, far, far away from us. Since both Rob and I had had an exhausting week, we were happy to cut out early and be home asleep by 11:30pm. I had visions of sleeping late and having a low key yet productive weekend.

At 12:20am I woke up to the sound of our electricity going off and a storm outside. About a minute later my sister called our one remaining land line to tell us that they were across the street in the closet with Rhett and the tornado sirens were going off. Rob and I were up like a shot bolting to the guest bathroom, which has all interior walls. We could hear the emergency warning siren saying "Tornado Warning! Seek Shelter Immmediately" (Yes our sirens have a human voice and are soo creepy)

Anyway we huddled for a moment then decided to take a peek out the windows and look for a flash light and a radio. The storm was amazing. The sky was greenish. There was so much lightening that at times It was a s bright as day outside. ( A man a few blocks away from us took this picture around 12:30am) The only radio we could find was Kolby's "My Scene Barbie Walkman" but it worked. I lit candles. When we heard a very high pitched whirling sound that was not our sirens, we retreated back to the bathroom.

I was very uneasy because both my kids were not with me in this awful storm! I swore never to let Kolby go to a slumber party (her first all nighter by the way) during tornado season. To sooth my nerves, Rob left the confines of the safe bathroom and called over to my friends house where twenty one 8 year old girls were having a slumber party! My friend said that they had waked all the girls up and were crouching in a closet under her stairs. Can you imagine? She said they were all OK and were giggling and telling stories. We later learned that Kolby had gone into a sound sleep and in typical Kolby style was at the bottom of her sleeping bag. They couldn't see her and had left her up stairs. She woke up to a dark room and was all alone. She said she was scared and hid in her sleeping bag for a minute or two before my friend came upstairs and found her. Then she was fine. Glad I didn't know that until later, although I think the whole ordeal took less than four minutes.

I was in the bathroom and kept calling my sisters cell phone frommy cell phone because my parents don't have a land line ( ie a phone that does not require electricity). After several failed attempts and dropped calls I found out that they were all safe in a closet and Rhett had slept through the entire thing. In fact, he never woke up the whole night! That in itself is one of the great blessings of this storm because Rhett is terrified of "funder and lighting."It was a huge relief to me to know he wasn't scared.

By 1:45 the siren had long since stopped going off and the storm had died to a light rain. Our lights were still out. I was tempted to go get both Rhett and Kolby, but it seemed both were ok where they were, so we just went back to bed. I didn't go to sleep until after 3 as it was getting hot in our house, but I wasn't scared anymore.

Saturday is a blur. It took a great deal of time to get us all back together. HINT Do not almost run out of gas the morning after a tornado..there is no place to get any! By the time we had the car filled, the food moved out of the frig (THANK YOU ELIZABETH!!!) and both kids back, it was late afternoon. We ate out at Applebees and spent the rest of the day doing things outside.

Thank goodness the weather stayed cloudy and in the 70's. While it was still light enough to see, we bathed the kids and got them in their PJs. We considered staying with friends or realitives or even a hotel for the night, but decided since the temperatures were pretty mild we could stick it out. We made a Sonic run and ate in the car (with the air on) then Rob and the kids waited in the car while I ran in Wal Mart for flashlights, a weather radio, and breakfast for in the morning.

Once home I stayed outside talking to neighbors until after 9. When I came in, I found the rest of my family had all put themselves to bed and were sound asleep! Kolby and Rhett were both asleep holding their new flash lights. Rob was sawing logs. It had been a day! I opened up every window in the house, blew out all the candles, and went to bed. Couldn't sleep. I had just drifted off when I woke to the sound of Kolby crying. She was crouched in her floor clutching her tummy. A few minutes later she was in the bathroom puking by candlelight. There wasn't much of a breeze in her room so I took her into the back yard where she puked some more. It just isn't fair to be hot and nauseated at the same time. Around 2, I put her back down. The house had really cooled off by then. I fell asleep praying the lights would come on soon and second guessing that hotel decision.

At 6:30AM every bird in Hewitt decided to descend in our yard and chirp their loudest! I thought I was in the rain forrest! Needless to say I got up and Rhett soon followed. Rob didn't get home from the paper until after 7. Rhett decided to go with my parents to breakfast and church so I had him dressed and out by 8. Rob decided to go to class and let me stay with the still sleeping Kolby. I called TXU for an update. 2 to 3 days they said! 2 to 3 DAYS!!!!! This was no longer fun.

The weather was again excellent. Cloudy and in the 60's and 70's. Resigned to the fact that we would not have power for a few more days, I took a shower, put on the last of my prego clean clothes, and started dividing laundry by priority to take to the laundromat. Kolby came in at 9:30 feeling great. What ever had her puking the night before was gone. She ate three muffins! Things were looking up. When Rob got home we re-dressed everyone and headed for a birthday party for both kids at Kiddieland. We were going to make the best of it. I had just blogged from the phone when my Mom called to say our power was on! The ordeal was over...or was it?

I left Rob and the kids at the birthday party and drove home to close all the windows since the AC would be coming on. As I drove up I noticed our sprinkler system had come on and was on it's last station.... That meant my entire yard had been watered with all the windows open!!!! It wasn't too bad inside, but I had to laugh. We survived the tornado but almost flooded the house with the sprinkler system! I was so happy to have power that I didn't even care! The rest of the day we rejoiced and reveled in the AC and lights. I had everything cleaned up and the kids in bed just in time to watch GA! AHHHH the simple pleasures!

This blog is already way too long so I'll stop. I just feel very blessed to have survived the storm realitivly unscathed! AND REALLY glad the weekend is over! This should be a very low key week! I can't wait!!!! :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

We've got the power!

YES! (Insert dancing and jubilation here!) It came on this afternoon and we are thrilled! To have electricity is the biggest luxury. We never appreciate it enough! More as soon as I get the house back in shape! :) We are doing the happy dance complete with lights, music and AC!:)

Tornado Trouble

37 hours with out electricity.... But we are all safe and sound and have no other damage...not even a twig down! Read Elizabeth's Blog if you don't know what I am talking about. I'll have some stories to tell, soon as I can blog again! :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Fiesta Friday!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Here are a few shots of the decorations for the Fiesta lunch at school today. I'm off to put my swollen feet up and take a rest! Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse for Mexican food. Go eat Fajitas and drink a 'rita for me! :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thank them Thursday

This is day four of Teacher Appreciation Week. Monday's flowers were a huge hit. The Teachers oohed and awed over the treat cart that we took around school Tuesday. Wake-up Wednesday's breakfast went off without a hitch! But of all the days this week today is my favorite. Thank You Thursday. Today we are going to distribute Thank You Books to all the teachers.

Getting the pages for these books back has not been easy. Only one class out of 30 has 100% participation. BUT the pages that have come in are so amazing! My friend Emily and I have had the privilege of reading through these books as we put them together. No two pages look the same. Some kids made big drawings. Some wrote letters. Some added pictures of themselves. Some parents wrote letters.

One little first grader cracked us up by writing "I thought I knew it all, I didn't.." One kindergartener drew her teacher (who is pregnant) with a baby sticking out her belly button waving. A third grade girl wrote "Thanks for teaching me good and helping pass the TAKS. I would have never made it without you" A second grader wrote "Next to my Mom, grandma and Hillary Duff, you are my favorite woman in the world!" And a fourth grader told her teacher if she is ever "a millionair"she will owe it all to her and she will buy her a house. Then there was a letter from the father of a little boy whose Mom died just before school started. I can't even start to type about the letter with out tearing up. His child's teacher is a friend of mine and I know how deeply she will be touched by the words of this sweet sorrow-filled yet incredibly grateful man. She will keep that letter forever.

Saying thank you is so important. I know Teacher Appreciation Week seems like another one of those obligatory PTA events on the calendar, but this week has been more than that for me. A teacher who has not smiled at me all year walked up and thanked me profusely for everything we have done this week. I almost fell over. I watched a room mom who hasn't been to nice to anyone all year tear up and morph into a different person when she read the letter a mom she hasn't liked all year. The letter so sweetly thanked the teacher for helping her child with a severe learning disorder. Gratitude changes people. It changes the giver and receiver...And in ways it changes those of us who just stand back and watch.

I told you this Appreciation thing is a soapbox of mine, and it is! But only because I know that I need to incorporate an attitude of gratitude deeper into my everyday life. Somes days are hard and gratitude seems the last thing I need to think about. But those are the days I need to try harder than ever to count my blessings and more importantly, express my gratitude in words and actions. Gratitiude transforms the heart. Stepping down now...

So tomorrow we have a big Fiesta at noon to end out our week of Teacher Appreciation. The PTA job that has taken so much of my time and energy for two years will basically be over. I can't say I'm not happy to have an end in sight, but I am so glad we have done all we have done this year! I love my daughters school, and more than that, I love the teachers and staff there. They have become my friends. I feel so secure in sending Kolby up there everyday because I know I am sending her to people who love children, who work hard, and who will do whatever it takes to teach my little girl what she needs to know. That is priceless!

I hope you all have had a great week. I haven't had the chance to check in on most of you with all the commotion around here. I have sorta missed you guys! But I will catch up next week! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Psalms 18:2

The Lord is my rock, my fortresss, and my deliverer, my God, my strength, in whom I will trust.

This came to me in an e-mail this morning and I needed it. Thought maybe someone out there might be "needing it" to! Have a blessed, faith-filled day!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Make your Monday!

After the bad rap I gave Mondays last week, I want to start out on a more positive note this week! :)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at Kolby's school. I'm the PTA Teacher Appreciation person so it is a big week in this house. But it would be a big week even if my PTA hat had some other title on it. I believe in showing teachers as often as possible how important they are in the lives of their students, in the community, and to our society as a whole. It's one of my soap boxes. I also believe strongly that one of the greatest things we can teach our children is the art of appreciation. This is another one of my soap boxes. So I guess I am a natural for my PTA job!

Anyway, this week we have an event each day to honor our teachers and staff. Today is " Monday ~ Make their day with a class bouquet!" We put mason jars decorated with a big red and white checked bow on each teachers desk last night. This morning as the kids come in they are supposed to add a flower to the jar to form a class bouquet. Kolby was really excited this morning as she headed off to school with a handful of daisies! She had a whole list of teachers she wanted to give a flower to!

Tuesday is "Treat them right!" day. We are taking a "treat cart" stuffed with cookies, candy and iced tea around the school in the afternoon and giving all the teachers and staff a nice afternoon treat.

Wednesday is "Wake them up!' day. The PTA board is giving a spring themed, come and go breakfast from 7:30 to 9 AM in the teachers lounge.

Thursday is "Thank them" day. All the kids are bringing pictures and letters they made thanking their teachers to school by Tuesday. All the room reps are binding them together in class "Thank You Books" for their teachers.

Friday is "Fiesta day!." In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we are having a fiesta lunch of Mexican stack-up donated by parents from every grade level. We are going to try to turn the lounge into a Mexican Plaza and have lots of fun with this day!

So I am going to be pretty busy this week, but I look forward to it. I'll try to blog later in the week and let you know how all these events went. Even if it's not Teacher Appreciation Week in your neck of the woods, try to let a special teacher know how important they are, or have been in your life this week. It will make both of you feel really good! :)

Happy MAY DAY!!!!